Friday, December 2, 2011

Pretty woman

My roots need touching up, i have chipped nail polish and i'm hung over. With a sunset beaming into my apartment, and the thought of vodka taunting me. Should i jump off the tram now or later? Yesterday i was having a Martha Stewart moment attempt, and decided to cook a pizza from scratch. My "boyfriend" was coming over and i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get in the Christmas spirit. I made my version of a candy cane martini ( with vodka, a sugar rim and a candy cane hanging out of it). Let's just say the more i drunk, the better my drink became. I slipped on a satin red dress, put on red lipstick, and drunk my "martini" gracefully while waiting for him to arrive. One hour later, and two martinis down my phone rang. Of course I'm not the smartest of people (when intoxicated) so i jump of my black leather bar stool to grab the phone,  spilling my martini in my lap while getting told that my boyfriends being sent up, and will be ringing my doorbell in two minutes (by my doorman).

He then See's my pizza (which is now freezing cold), ignoring my lovely dress and lipstick, cuts himself a slice, and progresses to tell me that i used the wrong sauce. At that point i was ready to give up on the night, but instead i decided to drink more. At this point my vodka tasted like water, i had forgotten about the pizza and all of my problems started to fade away. As well as my sobriety.


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