Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"cabin fever pumpkin!" 

"Does this shirt make me look like a pumpkin?" was the first full sentence that came out of my (very) sick and (barely-there) voice this morning to Mauro. As I wasn't dressing up for Halloween (before the devastation of Sandy)from the get-go, and  had a discussion with one of my best friends about this matter, she asked me "Where is your Halloween spirit!?" So I replied with an obnoxious response "I'm to old for Halloween". But then I started to think, no one is actually to old for Halloween. So while getting dressed this morning, I decided to wear an orange, pleated turtle neck that a) drains my color out completely and b) makes me look like a pumpkin. So Halloween costume for 2012? An unofficial pumpkin.

Hoping that Manhattan is open today, Mauro and I are venturing out as we both have "cabin fever". So then I started to wonder why people argue in general (not that we were arguing). I came up with a solution, people argue when they are together for a long time, in a confined space, with nothing to do..just because there is nothing to do. Except argue. In the real world when you think about it and narrow it down, the longest couples are together is the weekend and after work. So that is my solution to why couples argue.

So with college being closed, work being closed, and subways/public transportation (aka NYC being closed) there is very limited things to do.

My things to do list has consisted of: Eating frozen Rolos, taking Tylenol cold, Drinking white wine, watching revenge, and attempting to watch 666 Park Avenue. Mauro wouldn't settle for Gossip Girl.

Stay safe everyone, and my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who suffered loss through Sandy.

Monday, October 29, 2012


So a few days ago we were notified that hurricane "Sandy" would be hitting NYC. About one day ago we were told that this hurricane would be hitting us BAD. So whilst most people yesterday, in New York were running around frantic, getting essentials such as: flashlights, eggs, milk, and water etc. My boyfriend and I were out strolling Madison Avenue, buying some clothes, and falling in love with shoes (ok, that part was me) but they were flawless to say the least! After our little shopping spree, we then nonchalantly sat in the "library" at the Regency hotel,  went for lunch at Serafina, and then went into Godiva. Which may or may not have been the end of my skinny jeans.

Once finally returning to the island, I was informed that my building does not have a generator, and that everyone should stock up on flashlights and emergency supplies. Thank you doorman, for this notification less than 24 hours before a HURRICANE HITS. At this point its 9 pm, raining, windy and HORRID outside. I'm about to slap my boyfriend for dragging me to Loro Piana, and Brunello Cucinelli earlier on in the day, and venting that instead of strolling down Madison Avenue, we should have been at Home Depot, and Whole Foods preparing. Probably like the rest of the tri state area.

Mauro (Boyfriend) then decides his hungry. So we decide it's now a good idea to hit the supermarket or at least a restaurant. We see a total of: 2 people on the street who both warn us that it isn't "safe out", and that everything closed at 6.30. To our astonishment, we start to disbelieve what we were told and then go to a few places hoping they would serve us. Well once again this assumption was wrong, because everywhere we went either had a "Sorry we are closed sign up" scribbled on white paper, or informed that "the kitchen was closed". We finally find a pizza parlor that is open, but we were then told that they were in the process of making 18 pizzas (health at its finest), and couldn't serve us, or heat up any left over food. Mauro convinced the pizza guy to sell him a cold calzone, and 18 garlic knots.

So now our  emergency supplies consist of left over food in the pantry such as: Special k, Strawberry Poptarts, frozen Rolos, Pretzal m&m's, Grapes, Carrots....and thats about it. To last us however long as sandy decides to stay.

Long story short: Never disesteem when a hurricane is headed your way, and if you want your skinny jeans to fit..avoid going into Godiva.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Negligence: Miss Mercedes Chloe ( myself) neglecting her lovely blog. As I have been busy with college, finding the (absolutely fantastic)  RIGHT guy, marketing, unneeded shopping, and styling, I have completely and utterly forgot to blog. So my new "new" months resolution is to try and post each and every day. Despite workload (yes, that includes shopping trips, my law homework, and my marketing/styling internship) that shall remain anonymous, sort of like my ex boyfriend.

So, where do I start? I guess I can start with the fact that theres a hurricane hitting NY. Many New Yorkers are hectic-ly freaking out about this hurricane with the nickname "frank-en-storm" getting emergency supplies, food, water etc. Thankfully my building has a generator, and my idea of being "supplied" was on Verve Cliqout, and a vintage bottle of 1981 Merlot (that I accidentally used/opened to cook with rather than drink).

As for my life update: Still going to college in manhattan, working as a social media marketer, and interests remain: Fashion, Men (Ok, now that I actually have the RIGHT boyfriend I should change this to man), and Pierre Jouet. Added interests: Styling, marketing, social media and of course fashion design, which I also have been neglecting.

As pondering upon "FRANK-EN-STORM" getting an email from a professor stating that college is closed on Monday but "assuming we don't all die in the storm" and eating a blueberry light and fit yogurt, I came up with a brilliant idea. Mason jars have more than one use right? So as I eventually want to open up a fashion boutique, I came up with the idea to turn old clothes into totally new ones. That way, it lessons my unhealthy shopping habits, greaten-s my bank account, AND teaches me how to use my (barely-used) sewing machine.  If all turns out, how expected and assuming I don't sew my fingers together, I will post pictures. I've also learnt how to use an ironing board (sort of) which goes back to my cooking story with 1981 Merlot, been spoiled rotten by my current boyfriend, and learnt about buying, and business law. Combining my serious law class, with my not-so-serious public speaking class I actually decided to do a manuscript speech from the movie Legally Blonde titled "Speak up America" which had to do with important issues such as hair. Given that i'm Blonde, hair is a very important issue to me, as well.  Thank you Elle Woods.

Anyway, this week has been the week of.....disasters.  Ranging from, having to take a midterm in a class room that was actually physically vibrating from a drill, almost getting my pony tail stuck in the subway doors, getting lost downtown and witnessing protesters getting tackled and lastly annoying neighbors that live opposite to me and complain of imaginary noise.

On the positive side I did get to see my boyfriend on wednesday,  see Armin Van Bureen at Lavo on Thursday in VIP , and acquire two pairs of LAVO sunglasses, and a glowstick (thanks to my two friends).