Thursday, December 20, 2012


Inside The St Regis 
So today was the day of experimenting, downtown & spray tans. It sounds more plain than the actual experience was, because to my great and very unexpected surprise, a MAN actually spray tanned me (and yes saw me half naked). Luckily I think he was more focused on himself, than myself and we managed to avoid all awkwardness, by talking about Taylor Swifts speculated pregnancy.

After I ventured around town, I came across beacons closet. Although I never quite understood the point of consignment stores, I entered to find a wide variety of people, from all age groups. Everyone seemed to be in their own little world swerving in and out of clothing racks, and although I did see a few label names like Jimmy Choo and Alexander Wang, my OCD kicked in and I left empty handed.

Tis the indulge!
Which was a surprise, because i somehow manage to buy something in EVERY store i enter, ranging from Barnes & Noble  to Home Depot (Yes... seriously).

Anyway long story short today was super boring. I think the closer Christmas becomes, the longer the days drag on. Tomorrow I am on a mission to find: Icing, cupcake mix, and white chocolate chips. Hoping my oven doesn't blow up, the cupcakes don't burn, and that I actually (and the cupcakes) end up intact, I will post a picture...


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