Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Words

I am almost in full disbelief that Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Where has the year gone? Although their were a few flurries of snow yesterday, it absolutely did not meet my expectations of "having a white christmas" nor did these few flurries meet my expectations of a romantic, tiffany-esqe scene.
In celebration that the world did not end on 12/21/12, Mauro and I celebrated by indulging in the most delicious Macaroons ever, Godiva chocolates, AND new Alexander Wang Shoes (Thank you Mauro!). We mutually forgot about all the calories we had just consumed, by doing some damage in Chanel (me) and Bergdorf (Him). After working up even MORE of an appetite directly from shopping, we then headed over to Serafinia on Madison Avenue, eating even more. Helloo Holiday humongous-ness.  

We finally headed home and watched this movie "the words".  At first the reason I picked this movie was because a) I wanted to fall asleep and b) it was on FIOS but it turned out that the movie was excellent and held both of our attentions. 

Today was interesting, in terms that Mauro and I went on a road trip back to my house on Long Island. After stopping in Tiffany's at Manhasset and falling in loooovee with a diamond ring  (and sulking like a "toddlers in tiaras" spoiled brat when I couldn't have it) we finally get home to a house full of hyper kids (my siblings) presents everywhere (the norm), and chaos. On the positive there was one bottle of Cristal in the fridge, to get through the day and prepare for our Christmas Eve party tomorrow. Wish me luck!