Thursday, January 31, 2013

High Low

Do we take ourselves to seriously?

All British sarcasm aside, I really do believe that if you take yourself to seriously, you forget to live.

I went to two high schools, one of which was Cold Spring Harbor. I was a cheerleader and on the swim team (a weird combination I know). I vividly remember we had two devastating and sudden losses within the same school year. One of which was an older girl also on the swim team.

Although the two of us were not friends, she was always really kind to me and a really strong team member. I remember once she had a tamagotchi and brought it on the bus when we were going to a swim meet.
I was intrigued because:
a)  I hadn't seen a tamagotchi since I was in England (and around the age of five) and
b) she was on the varsity swim team, yet still engaging the younger girls (a rare occasion)

A few months later, she tragically passed away. Although I doubt showing me her tamagotchi really made an impact on her, it made a life long impact on me. She showed me that doing something so small, can mean something so big to someone else.

I also graphically remember that one of her favorite sayings was to "never take yourself to seriously". I didn't really link having a tamagotchi at 17, and seriousness together at the time, but now that I am older, I realize how right she was.

Lets think about it for a second: we all (or the majority) of us want to get through elementary school, then middle school, then high school, then college, and then a work day. We have a life of expectancies built for us the moment we are born. Naturally we want to meet those expectations with ease.

 At the same time, we shouldn't wish our life away. For example: when I was 7 I wanted to be 10, then it was 13, then 16, then 18, then 21..and now that I am finally 21, it has hit me that im actually 21 and in 9 years time I will be 30 (GASP!).

If your always looking forward to the future, you won't enjoy the present. It's also really important to not give dot dot......what other people think of you. Honestly as soon as I went to college, I really didn't care what other people thought of me. In fact some of my closest friends thought I was a huge bitch for no apparent reason! It's just interpretation. Unfortunately throughout your entire life you will be judged whether you like it or not. I wish I could say this ends at a certain age, but it most certainly does not. It continues throughout life.

Maybe it's my NYC prone attitude, but at what point do we really start caring what we feel about ourselves, and forget others? Who knows you, better than you? My point exactly. Therefore if people don't like me (for whatever reason) I really could not care less. In fact I think it's a bigger reflection on them than me.

I've gotten to the point where im immune to those with hate, and I have actually never been happier in my life.

 I have a great boyfriend (who secretly looks like Joshua Bowman), except he doesn't think so. Two best friends (who I call my fellow blondes, despite Alexis being a brunette)!  And many others who  I can call acquaintances. Luckily I have two little sisters who I can teach the carefree attitude and lifestyle to.

Life is unpredictable and none of us know what will happen tomorrow. So the importance is to live for today. Don't take yourself to seriously, do whatever you wish to do, and most importantly start to care about yourself, opposed to others. If someone tells you that you "can't or won't" do something, do exactly that.

As I always say the best revenge is happiness.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I think in the morning we all need to listen to some Calabria to get in the mood of...Tuesdays (aka the day before the day before friday, right)? I could honestly write for ages about my encounters/mishaps, so while I am working on getting someone to actually photograph me/waiting on my new Nikon to arrive, I am using my own skills (bare with me)!

I'm also going (all out), in the name of fashion to try and find a great pink Essie nail polish to go along with my pink features today. Anyway as for the outfit goes (I'm still obsessing over these shoes!)

Leather Pants- Jbrand (but they should really be called motivation skinny, given how tight and tiny they are!) 
Shoes: Alexander Wang
Bag(not seen)- Celine
Sunglasses(not seen)- CatEye Chloe
 And as for class goes (that I most definitely have to start making my way to)! I only have Marketing Research and Writing in Business. So stay posted for my lovely experiences with that. I also hit 11,000 views yesterday which was a huge milestone given that I only had 1,000 a few months ago! So I just wanted to thank everyone for viewing and reading my Manhattan experiences. Check back later! 

Black Out

Black Out

Long sleeve silk blouse
$110 -

Skinny legging

Alejandro Ingelmo fur shoes

Tote bag

Monday, January 28, 2013


"You got bangs?" "You got blonder?" These were the first words after walking into one my first college buildings this morning. I recognized a few familiar faces in my first classes (one of which is a delightful three hours long). In the same class, the teacher was adamant about stating how there is no food, drink, coffee, water, or hard liqueur allowed in the classroom. Students started to laugh, as she stood there with a straight face, and then explained that we have a 12 page research paper due, next monday. Before class started she made us stand up and introduce ourselves with a fun fact ( I kid you not). One girls fun fact was that she has a removable tooth, another was that her left leg is a quarter of an inch longer than the other and mine was that I am from England, and have a website (aka this). The class seemed interactive unlike my first class where no one said one word to one another.  After class was finally over I ran home, to let Barnaby outside.

Throughout the snowy day, I couldn't help but tweet (@mercedeschloe) funny occurrences. For example within one hour I saw: wheel back packs (that I honestly haven't used since I was 6 years old at the airport), tie die sweat pants (circa 2001, worn-never), and gold fake nails shaped like claws! (aka the tackiest thing I have ever seen). However it was a memorable first day back to school, between snow, sights, and suaveness.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back to Park

Back to Park

Oasis button shirt
$63 -

Current/Elliott super skinny jeans
$380 -

Chanel leather tote bag

Lace jewelry

back to...

In high school, going back to school consisted of having  new notebooks, a great outfit, and having classes with your friends. In the real world, going back to college in Manhattan consists of having a great outfit (worthy of Park Avenue), and a psychologist/ psychiatrist to get you through the school year.

So as the hours FLY by on my last day of winter break, I am literally counting the hours sleep ( or lack of sleep) I am going to get each night, having to wake up at 6 am in the morning. The day started off attempting to pick up last minute textbooks (at a closed bookstore) and a small brunch at my apartment, including champagne and macaroons (pictured).

It is bittersweet that school is starting again. On the positive side, I am going to continue to post, and on the negative side, it is time to say goodbye to my Macaroon & Ice Cream indulgence (each and everyday)!

Long story short, this past month has been one of the best months of my life. Between adopting Barnaby, spending clarity time with my family, and having a great birthday month, it will defiantly be one I never forget.

Leather + Suade

Saturday, January 26, 2013

shooting saturday

Barnaby being stubborn 
So what I have found intriguing, is that there are a ton of bloggers/writers out there who photo document  their life. Although I do not intend to do this on a daily basis (as I don't have a photographer following my every move), I decided to do my very best shooting Saturday. As soon as I woke up I took prince Benjamin button (aka Barnaby the 7 year old adopted shitzu who acts like a royal baby) for a walk. He didn't want to get wet, or get his paws wet so he sat inside my lobby for 8 minutes before I finally had to carry him into the snow. We then walked to Starbucks for breakfast, but instead of the usual Vente coffee frappachino light, I had to bribe Barnaby to walk with food. I sat him outside and ordered him a croissant (spoiled brat I know)! A strawberry blueberry yogurt (for me) and the usual drink (even in snow).  

Breakfast & Cosmo
 After carrying Barnaby back home, i sat down, read Cosmo, and came to the realization that i go back to college in a matter of two days. After the first week of winter break i categorically could not wait to go back to school. Now that the time to go back is actually here,  and that i am accustom to doing whatever i want all day (to some extent), I'm dreading the return. It also doesn't help that i am returning back to school sick, and want to be wrapped up in a warm caccoon all day, rather than out and about running from building to building in 20 degree weather. All complaints aside i can only hope for a good semester, with good professors. 

Gray + Gray

So as for my outfit goes today, I collaborated casual and classic. My accessories consisted of a quilted cream Chanel, and Manolo's, paired with skinny Sevens, a gray top from Barneys and a sweater from Pretty Good. You can also see my super blonde hair/hair cut in the picture, which looked great until I went to sleep.  I also wore the outfit with three bracelets, and a pair of gold vintage leaf earrings, gifted to me by my grandmother.

Anyway the newest hype that I keep hearing about is eyelash extensions. I admit, I have known about them for a while,  but I just presumed that they were like fake eyelashes glued to your eyes. As I am naturally blessed with long eyelashes, I never really looked into having them done. It can cost up to $400 in Manhattan, and apparently you need to get them touched up every 2-3 weeks (costing an addition $90).

"Arm Candy"
 So are eyelash extensions worth it? If you can lay still for 2 hours with your eyes taped down, absolutely. That being said it is vital that you go to the right place, because if they use the wrong glue, your real lashes will fall out. It also becomes expensive figuring around $2560+ a year. So if you're going to get them done, get them done right. The next hype that is no longer a hype is gel manicures. I used to love the concept of having a manicure that didn't chip for two weeks. That lasted for around 3 months until one day my gel manicure ruined my nails, and chipped within two days. I also get sick of having the same color for two weeks, so for what its worth I would rather get a regular manicure.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Is there such thing as privacy? Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare my instinctive answer would be no. Not only do we post pictures, tag friends, or  "check in" at locations,but we are also enabling those who are friends or even friends of friends keep track of where we are. As my Facebook privacy settings are set to: friends only, I was under the misconception that only my friends were able to view my photos. Well, I was wrong. Apparently even with privacy settings, strangers can still view all of your profile pictures.  Unless  you customize each and every default to "friends only".
Then there is foursquare which I never quite understood.

Unless you want an invitation to get kidnapped, you certainly should not be tracking where you are every minute.

Anyway, aside from being freezing and feeling like I have the flu, I decided to get my hair done. Spontaneously. As the salon I usually go to is closed for renovations (within the St Regis hotel), I was waking around Chelsea, makeup less and miserable. I then realized that I was certainly in no state of form to go back to school, looking and feeling like the way I did. So after walking and getting semi lost downtown, I finally walked past a hair salon called Platinum. It was defiantly different from the St Regis, but I figured it would be a temporary replacement. I also figured that as it was called "platinum" they must know how to handle blondes.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was at a club. The music was blasting, hair dryers were blowing, and stylists were dancing. I was defiantly skeptical of sobriety, but I decided that as hair grows back, and they were available to squeeze me in (unlike Warren Tricomi) I might as well give it a shot.

So I was then introduced to Steven, who told me "I needed a hair makeover". So after sitting in a chair for 4 hours (getting highlights, deep conditioner, and a hair cut ) chatting amongst subjects such as: boyfriends, nightlife, and Kim Kardashains pregnancy, I was finally ready to leave Platinum salon, platinum.

I can officially say my hair has never looked blonder, and that steven is my new go-to guy when looking for a quick hair touch up (even though it took four hours), or looking for the latest celebrity gossip. Once my hair was finally finished, I walked outside to a cold awakening, of snow. Every taxi was taken, so I figured instead of standing outside for an hour, I might as well grab the subway uptown.  

After getting on a very crowded subway, I finally managed to find an open seat. The man next to me was blind, with a guide stick (which I was oblivious to at first). So once the subway stopped for about 15 minutes due to "train traffic ahead of us" he started talking to me about how precious life is. I thought his positivity and mentality was astounding and realized that there is more to life than what meets the eye. He explained that he had been blind since birth, yet always lived with an affirmative attitude. Before I had time to say goodbye, he left the next stop. Five stops later, I finally got off the train to find even more snow.The only difference is that I saw it as a blessing, opposed to an inconvenience.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guilty pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. I happen to have two: McDonalds soft serve ice cream (don't ask), and Revenge. I should probably add shopping to the list also, but given that shopping makes me happy,(until looking at my bank account) I wouldn't quite say I feel guilty about it. Especially since I give all my old clothing to either my two little sisters (lucky things)! Or to charity.

So where to start. I promised myself this post would be about Nigella Lawson. If you don't know who Nigella Lawson is (not to fret, I didn't two days ago either) but there has been a lot of issues concerning her weight. When people ask me where i like living more (regarding NY or England) i always say that they are two completely different countries. 

For example: In England we call an elevator a "lift" french fries "chips" and candy "sweets". We also use pounds opposed to dollars, have a prime minister instead of a president, and so on. According to the Department for Trade and Industry, the average English woman is 5'4 and weighs 147 pounds. This is a drastic difference from the average New yorker. In 2010 there was even an article published by NY post writer Todd Venezia stating that studies show "skinny women make significantly more money than those who are of average weight or obese". 

So back to Nigella. Just in case you didn't wikipedia who she is, i can sum her up in bullet points:
  • Daughter of Nijel Lawson and Vannessa Salmon
  • Graduated from Oxford 
  • Known as: "The queen of food porn"
So before any assumptions start, lets straighten out a few things. Nigella is now 53 years of age, a best selling author, broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She has no training in the kitchen, and is simply known and loved in the United Kingdom for her flirtatious manner of presenting. Although i do think it is a little odd that she is known as "The queen of food porn" and has a cooking show despite not being a trained chef or cook, I do respect her carefree attitude.

 So where does weight come into the equation? According to page six, the Food Network refused to show Nigella bellow the waist in her 2008 TV show by "deflecting viewer vision". Apparently they thought she was to heavy to attract an audience. Meanwhile in England, instead of her tongue, cleavage, and eyes being admired (and only shown), she was admired head to toe by men, and women. 

The irony  and inspiration towards this post is that, she is not even remotely overweight or "too fat". Nigella reacts to allegations  saying: ‘I think it is a fear of flesh, maybe of vulnerability and softness.’ Is that ultimately a fear of sex? ‘I don’t know. But I do think that women who spend all their lives on a diet probably have a miserable sex life: if your body is the enemy, how can you relax and take pleasure? Everything is about control, rather than relaxing, about holding everything in.’ I could probably continue for about an hour writing at how beautiful she is at 53 years of age, but i am more impressed by her confidence and ability to stick up for her self. 

Celine/Alexander Wang/Jbrand/Michael Kors
So back to reality: The day started at 6 am with Starbucks, an 8 am "style shoot"a 9 am manicure, a 9:40 repeat Starbucks and a 14 degree day, never forgotten. Mauro came up with the idea to start posting my personal style on here. So after two Vente coffees, and the energy to actually remove myself from bed, we decided to take some pictures. We then got his and hers manicures, and found a McDonald's to get much needed ice cream cones (given that we are both sick). After waiting in line for 15 minutes, we finally get to the counter when the women then decides to gives us the "heads up" that the ice cream machine is not working. With much disappointment, I then suggested we go to 40 carrots. So while wondering through Bloomingdale's, and making pit stops at Chanel and Herve Leger, we then headed to the 7th floor to find out the flavor of the day was coffee. Fail.

 Finally an hour later, we agreed to go to Serafina where we both indulged in Minestrone soup, salad, pizza and pasta. After consuming around 80,000 calories between the two of us, I suggested we walk to the tram to burn off some much needed calories. It seemed like a good idea at the time,  until we finally got there, and then realized that the tram was closed for renovations.

 So we start to walk and suddenly realize that we are in a gated area that leads you onto the Queens Borough bridge. After Mauro points out our mistake, I said that we are going to walk it and get a taxi once we get to the other side (as it seemed closer than actually getting the subway) he then started asking me if I was aware at  how long the bridge was, and after getting about 1/4th of the way across, we decide to head back. 

When we finally reached the gated area, Mauro got surrounded by 2000 pigeons (unbeknown to him i had brought dessert to surprise him with once we back to my apartment). Apparently pigeons like eclairs because they started chasing him as he started running... while insisting I had to actually hop a fence/ climb a fence to get away from the horrible birds. So while i was hysterically laughing/climbing/ half petrified, we finally got to safety and walked about 7 block before finally finding an open taxi. 

We finally headed back to my apartment and laughed that we couldn't make up half the things that happen to us... even if we tried. 

The tie up

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Twenty One

Laduree Macarons 
Birthday in a nutshell: So my 21st birthday was absolutely marvelous (said in prominent British accent). In all fairness, I feel as though I have been celebrating my birthday since the first of January. From Facebook countdowns, Tweets and Instagram posts, I made every effort to make my 21st birthday a memorable one (paradoxical to say the least).

After spending time with two of my closest friends this Saturday, and passing out at 1 AM (leading to missing my own party) I can certainly say that I will never forget the night (kind of). It somehow ended up with Mauro (boyfriend), Alexis, Alden and i laughing over Brittney Spears, while Mauro kindly got us bread to sober us all up. While appreciating his generosity I apparently said the rolls were horrendous, and threw them back in his direction.

The girls then insisted that " no one makes it to there 21st birthday" and that it's expected. I on the other hand was,  discombobulated while profusely apologizing to everyone. While the girls were troopers and celebrated an after party of unlimited mimosas, I skipped out on the fun and slept. So my lesson to those turning 21 is: moderation. Never try to do 21 shots between three people, never drink 6 shots in less than 6 minutes, and never throw rolls at your boyfriend (even if they are stale).

As Tuesday approached, I made my way back to my house on Long Island. Where I had multiple presents, balloons, and glasses waiting for me. While in no mood or condition to pop a bottle of cliqout, one of our housekeepers greeted me with a Bellini in bed (at 8 am in the morning).  My mom then asked me what I wanted to do the rest of the day, and to no surprise, my instinctive response was: "shop!". So as we went shopping together (and lost each other mid shopping spree)  we then went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (where I continued to wear a tiara).

Later on in the day Mauro arrived with 6 vanilla macaroons from Laudee. Stating that "his so loyal, that  he doesn't even eat a macaroon without me". After laughing at his comment I then progressed to post it on twitter, when he then said " oh yes tweet that, let everyone think I'm on a leash". Meanwhile I was still laughing at the fact that he compared loyalty to macaroons.

So that concludes one of the best birthdays I have ever had. While I am currently working on arranging a bigger party ( in which I attend)  Mauro is taking me to top of the standard tonight for hous d'oeuvre's and drinks. Let the party begin!

Monday, January 21, 2013


So my theory as to why every woman in Manhattan looks like a walking twig, is relatively quite simple. It's because we walk everywhere, or at least I do. I know for a fact that I try to avoid subways at all costs. Given that the Manhattan Transit is "carefully monitored" by the NYPD, I find it quite appalling and alarming at the amount of beggars and lunatics that ride on a daily basis.

For example there has been one man that always rides in and out of subway carts for the past two years. Last year he claimed to be a coach that wanted money for children, whilst this year he walks around with a box of twizzlers screaming his homeless and singing/ attempting to sing that a "twizzler a day keeps the monsters away". Whatever the story, each and everyday I generally see the same people. It's hard to distinct those who really are homeless, from those who are drug addicts. After once offering a lady lunch who sat outside CVS on a daily basis (midtown), and getting screamed at that she wanted money not food, I was most put off by her ungracious behavior. From that point I have been careful as to who I give money to.

Something I will never forget is when I was on my way to sell two brand new jackets (that had never been worn before) to Beacons Closet. It was about two weeks before Christmas. As I am a shopaholic at heart, and have an over flowing closet, i thought it would be a good idea to get rid of them for more closet space.

 While i was walking all the way downtown I noticed an old man who looked frail and ravenous. I walked about a block, before walking back to him and asking him if he wanted the two jackets to keep warm. His face immediately lit up as he couldn't believe what was happening. He asked me if I was serious twice and had a smile that I will never forget. He finally accepted the jackets while I walked away wishing him a Merry Christmas.

So my point here is that there are some people out there appreciative of items other than money. You just have to use your intuition and not give the man $100 singing/screeching "a twizzler a day keeps the monsters away".

Back to my main point of transportation in Manhattan, there are four main options: subway, bus, cab or feet.

When grabbing a cab in Manhattan, I always get inpatient knowing that I could walk faster than the speed they are driving at. Especially when the driver thinks you are a tourist and takes you the longest route possible, while the meter casually runs up.

I haven't quite taken a bus since I was a freshman in high school, but on behalf of those that do, I have heard nightmare stories.

Long story short: my theory is that walking is simply the safest mechanism of transportation, the easiest way to burn calories, and avoid lunatics trying to sell you stale twizzlers.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


"Delete that picture, I look heinous!" After saying that to Alexis and googling the word heinous, I then find out that (according to its primary meaning is: "hateful, odious, abominable". Wrong Wrong and Wrong. I meant hideous. Apparently my mind is hungover from last night's mishap thinking that it would be a good idea to drink 21 shots between three people. Much easier said than done. 

When plans to go to Catch, Lavo and the Ganservoort drastically altered to : chatting, singing, and being absolutely outrageous (due to a total of 14/21 shots) in my apartment, we seemed to laugh the night off along with recuperation and hydration. 

This morning started by waking up at 5:40 am. I immediately kicked into diva mode declaring Starbucks, a bagel, a bubble bath and most importantly: excedrin for my pounding head. After Alexis and Alden reassured me that "everything happens for a reason" we preserved our energy for  brunch mimosas. 

After dealing with my antics last night, Mauro surprised me with Chanel and Crumbs. An interesting combination given that wearing the beautiful #104 passion lipstick with the new 2013 Le Vernis nail polish makes me feel much to proper to desecrate a cupcake, or two. 
Presents :) 
Diet sabotages 
Given that there is two more days until my actual birthday, I plan on having a semi relaxing day tomorrow. Excluding obstreperous behavior, and delicious cupcakes.