Thursday, January 17, 2013

The catch up

Today was marvelous, spontaneous, and fortuitous all at the same time.  My day started with a 6 am wake up snore from Barnby. After our walk yesterday where we got 20 feet from my apartment and he then decided to plomp himself down, right smack bam in the middle of the street (when I then had to run the two of us to safety) I was skeptical about his walking behavior. He was just as lazy this morning, until we got back to my apartment and he decided to go wild by running up and down ten times. After drinking a healthy breakfast (aka a Vente Coffee Frappachino Light), giving Barnby breakfast (aka 2 pieces of bread), I decided to shower and venture off to Bergdorfs (a potential dangerous move for a shopaholic).

After making a purchase and checking-in, I got a text from Hunter (a true friend of 11 years) asking if I wanted to meet up. Of course my answer was yes. After hugging, chatting, and catching up on the DG (dirty gossip) we walked to Barneys, Chanel,  Celine,  Pucci, Proenza, and Tom Ford, both making purchases. Finally we finished off the afternoon with LadIuree macaroons. I then walked back home contemplating the birthday idea hunter and I had established after seeing a beautiful gown in Emilo Pucci. We decided the perfect occasion to wear the dress would indeed be a gala. Then we spoke about location mutually agreeing on my rooftop with the balcony overlooking the beautiful NYC skyline, catering from Nellos and finally a vanilla macaroon Laduree cake.. with 21 bottles of champagne (realistic i know).