Monday, January 28, 2013


"You got bangs?" "You got blonder?" These were the first words after walking into one my first college buildings this morning. I recognized a few familiar faces in my first classes (one of which is a delightful three hours long). In the same class, the teacher was adamant about stating how there is no food, drink, coffee, water, or hard liqueur allowed in the classroom. Students started to laugh, as she stood there with a straight face, and then explained that we have a 12 page research paper due, next monday. Before class started she made us stand up and introduce ourselves with a fun fact ( I kid you not). One girls fun fact was that she has a removable tooth, another was that her left leg is a quarter of an inch longer than the other and mine was that I am from England, and have a website (aka this). The class seemed interactive unlike my first class where no one said one word to one another.  After class was finally over I ran home, to let Barnaby outside.

Throughout the snowy day, I couldn't help but tweet (@mercedeschloe) funny occurrences. For example within one hour I saw: wheel back packs (that I honestly haven't used since I was 6 years old at the airport), tie die sweat pants (circa 2001, worn-never), and gold fake nails shaped like claws! (aka the tackiest thing I have ever seen). However it was a memorable first day back to school, between snow, sights, and suaveness.