Friday, February 1, 2013

Real Life Barbie & Ken

Real life Barbie and Ken meet for the first time (No i'm not talking about Mauro and I). Totally joking (hahah), but the title not so much! If you don't know what on earth I am talking about, type it into your search bar as your mouth drops.

 There are two cosmetically  enhanced models who claim they are the real life Barbie and Ken. Both Valeria Lukyanova (age 23) from Ukraine and Justin Jedlica (age 32), met for the first time in New York. Hoping that it would be love at first sight, the two were apparently very disappointed.

Justin Jedlica has already spent $100,000 on body sculpting procedures, and this year he went under the knife for the 100th time. He once said in an interview on the Doctors television show that his "always been into plastic surgery because it's an extension of me being creative" He also defended the desire to look like a plastic doll saying that "children play with Barbie and Ken all the time so its fed to us from a very young age that, that is the epitome of what is beautiful or what is handsome".

Valeria  defends herself by admitting that she has been fascinated with barbie since the age of five. The only major difference is that instead of having 100 procedures, she only admits to having one. She admits to having breast implants because she wanted to be perfect, but declines any other surgical procedures.

If you want to is your chance. PERSONALLY I cannot believe that a plastic surgeon would even touch someone for the 100th time, I mean I thought Heidi Montag was extreme. This on the other hand, makes Heidi's transformation look meager.