Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Low?

So I woke up this morning to something very unexpected, snow.Who knew that it was winter after all.  B despises getting his paws wet, so getting him to walk in snow is like pulling teeth. He cried, then barked, then growled, until I finally had to carry him with me to Starbucks and place him on a dry piece of concrete.

As if that wasn't laborious enough (after having 4 hours sleep), I then had to wait in line for 14 minutes as there was only one barista working, walk all 3 minutes back to my apartment, and then attempt to put on makeup until a light fused in my bathroom. Happy Tuesday.

The good news is, that apparently  it's going  to snow for the next four days, how convenient.

Anyway, now that my morning vent is over, I want to address Beyonce's superlow Super Bowl outfit. I admit, we don't have football in the UK, in fact we have rugby. In comparison, it makes football players look like they should be wearing pink tutus, being all big, strapped up, and practically bubble wrapped with chest guards and helmets. Real "tough men" play rugby. Without being bubbled up in protection, here there and every where. As for those hideous tight pants, it looks like a day in Queens when girls wear those flesh colored leggings and are the size of dawn french. Not quite a hot look, if you ask me, unless of course your Tom Brady.

Back to Beyonce, and her apparent backlash. Her daring leather outfit was created by new (New York)  unknown designer Robin Singer, but was it to racy for TV?  A mother posted to the Today's show Facebook page that " Beyonce was over the top trampy". Laura Ingaham, (a conservative talk show host) also sarcastically tweeted that  her dancing was very "family friendly".

However the overall audience, enjoyed her deliberation saying that her outfit was fierce, sexy  and cohesive to her " girl power" attitude. Singer whose 34,  told the New York post that it was the "biggest moment of his career".

The picture posted shows his sketch of the jaw dropping costume,  made out of  leather, python, iguana, silk and plastic. It required fourteen workers, five fittings and over 200 hours to complete. The design was apparently based on Singers upcoming 2013 fall collection, "Valkyrie's Dominion" inspired by female warriors from Norse mythology.

Mr Singer explained in a release that "'In Norse mythology a Valkyrie is a female figure who decides which soldiers die in battle and which live. A woman with power, focus and unbridled sexuality; not unlike Ms Knowles herself, was the starting point."  His designs have been featured in magazines such as WWD and Elle, and his official fall 2013 collection will be presented next week at NYFW.