Thursday, March 28, 2013


They say that "copying is the greatest form of flattery"so when a friend copy's something you do, write or wear, should you be flattered or flustered? It happens with everything  from work to fashion to dates.

I't becomes more of a complement, than a coincidence (when occurring more than once) but after a while it turns into vexation.

I'm often asked about my blog, how I started, why I started, when I started, and who manages it.

So lets clear some things up that you may be wondering. If you have taken a business law class, I am the "sole proprietor" of my blog (therefor I manage it)!

 Including graphics at the moment, thanks to staring at photoshop (almost crying with frustration) and practicing for hours on end with each "tool".

I opened the blog in 2010, but I didn't continue with it, given that everyone seemed to have one at the time. Up until I fully restarted in December, I only had 500 something views! I had the Carrie Bradshaw in my head but not the Carrie in my guts, to wear whatever I wanted (or type whatever I wanted) out in public.

After realizing that I love to style, I had the opportunity to: plan"styles of the day" (at my last internship) style models for fashion shows and help plan out photo shoots this February. Ultimately my fall internship helped me find my forte (or one of them at least ;)  I decided to branch out on my own and open up "Mercedes Chloe llc" (which is a company up&coming! so stay tuned and excited!). It's also something I really enjoy. In fact I never stop working, from typing at dinner with Mauro, typing at school, reading the newspaper each morning, googling at night, and staying on top of news, trends, and events. If i'm awake at 4 AM in the morning i'm either putting together outfits, writing business emails, planning meetings, or preparing a post. Dedication is an understatement!

As for why I do what I do,  it's mainly because I love to! So far there hasn't been a day where I wake up and dread writing or styling. I've also had great support from family, friends and of course my boyfriend (who puts up with me checking my phone every five minutes, photo documentation of my every day life, and of course my diva demands)! I also write, to have my voice heard.

 There are so many websites writing about bullshit, generalizing opinions about  hair color, a specific study in college, an occupation or a GPA. If this is news, god help us and future generations. Just because you think brunettes are better in bed (or blondes) doesn't mean it's a fact. Hair color doesn't determine anything. Get over it!

I'm someone that HATES being told what to do, or being bossed around. If you tell me to do something that I don't have to, or deserve to, I wont. Its's a bittersweet part of my personality and people tell me i'm "ballsy" for a petite (5'5) little blonde girl, but it's just that I know my limits. I put up with everything for a long time, but once i'm pushed to far, I run and don't look back.

I know how I deserve to be treated, I know the duties of my job, and I know how to stick up for myself, and others.


  1. I really do not understand your thought of reasoning for creating this blog... but you do you

  2. OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH A COMMENT LIKE THAT?!?!? shows how tough you are when you list yourself as anonymous

  3. yeah... but i end it on a good note with "you do you"

  4. THE FASHION DOCTORMarch 30, 2013 at 11:08 AM

    listen asshole, this is a beautiful girl living in the city all by her lonesome... trying to figure out her identity and if making this blog will help her with that and and at the same time entertain all of those who live love and sex fashion, then she if free to do whatever she wants

  5. you fucking moron... that is why i said "you do you"

  6. THE FASHION DOCTORMarch 30, 2013 at 11:09 AM

    OMFG your probably against homosexual marriage too

  7. I have began to read her blog religiously and it helps clear my mind body and soul

  8. The point of it is to talk about life in nyc, news, fashion etc. If you don't like it then theres no need for you to read it! The point of any blog is to write...

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