Friday, March 15, 2013

A farmers Market

This morning started with a call at 3 am,  asking if I wanted to hop on a flight and fly out to the Bahamas. Of course my immediate answer was yes, and then while Alden was figuring out details of transportation, and I was realizing that all of my bikinis and suit cases were at home, I then call my house (at 4.26 am) telling my mom that I was jet setting to the Bahamas, tonight. Of course that was beyond careless given that I have three siblings under the age of ten, but excitement caught me off guard.

 After figuring out that I would run to Victoria's secret to grab some new bikinis, and then buy a suit case, I get a phone call back from my Alden saying "that she doesn't have a  passport". Fail fail and fail!

I was dreaming of sun, champagne, and relaxation after a week of hell (thank you midterms) and a night full of little sleep. But just like that, my dreams were crushed (partially) until Mauro turned up to my door (at 7 am) with Starbucks in each hand. Long story short we talked through some things, took prince Barnby outside, and shared the day together exploring unfamiliar territory downtown, including a farmers market, "Bleeker Street pizza" (notorious for having "eaters" such as Anderson Cooper, Brook Shields and Hugh Jackman), and lastly 16 handles, where I created a frozen yogurt concoction of Graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, vanilla sky and creme brulee (talk about inner child!) Including toppings such as mochi, Vanilla clodhoppers and white chocolate chips (yes, I went all out).

The Flat Iron district, that Mauro was sure to point out is called the "flat iron" district because the top of the building in front looks like the top of an Iron. It does!
Organic farmers Market in Nyc
Farmers Market NYC
The ring i tried on downtown, how SHARP is this!? (No pun intended) 
16 handles. Mine Vs Mauros hahah
Interesting Art work 
Bleecker street pizza