Sunday, March 3, 2013


So my morning started with a "business meeting" (with Mauro) starting, and ending with something like this: "Say an investor gave you $1000..."well..before he went any further, I said:"$1000, that's one Valentino shoe! Its official that I have fell in love (again) with another pair of shoes. It started by boredom, and ended with infatuation.

So tomorrow I am finally going back to college. Unfortunately I still have my cast on from surgery, and still cant taste anything. However Mauro and I made the most of our Sunday together. We made it about 7 blocks until he finally noticed the staring going on amongst us (as well)! So we headed to the nearest store, where he brought a baseball cap. 

Wearing a baseball cap to fashion school is a crime, literary. I understand if you're going to the gym, or a supermodel, walking your dog and being swarmed day in and day out by paparazzi (Ahem Candice Swanepoel), but wearing a baseball cap to fashion school in NYC, is almost as bad as wearing sweats. Hopefully everyone will be much to tired in my 8am class to notice.

Anyway attached are pictures that sum up my day in a nutshell. Sorry the post is so short & simple. Missed homework and classwork certainly got the best of me! (as well as, a little bit of procrastination). 
Keep posted!