Friday, May 24, 2013


Gym/ Yoga Outfit
Victorias Secret/ LuLu Lemon
Yesterday was the first time, in a very long time that I haven't written a post. While I'm still quite perplexed as to why that was, what I can say is that there was one major problem: I had nothing exactly to write about. Lets call it the equation of stress. Finals, anticipation of grades, and the fact that the news said we would have 11 hurricanes this year. Yes, eleven.

Also with all the tragedies going on within Oklahoma and London, it just didn't seem appropriate when my mind set was not in the right place. On a more uplifting note, I finally did yoga! Which I'm proud about because I have been saying for weeks that I would start, but just never got around to. But after fulfilling my online shopping craze, ordering a pink yoga mat, a lulu lemon sports bra, top and yoga pants from Victoria's Secret-I was finally feeling ready. Of course everything I ordered was in black, so sharing pictures of my outfit wouldn't be that exciting. But I have to admit the Victoria Secret "Most Loved Yoga Legging" were the most comfortable yoga pants I have ever tried on (and probably the only yoga pans i've ever tried on. But still).

Rainy Casual
(Hunter rain boots. Victoria Secret yoga pants.
Juicy couture comfy shirt) 
So now that I'm a yoga phonetic, I'm on a mission to get more workout clothes and get into running. It sounds ridiculous but it really is a little power boost, when you workout in new clothes that you feel great in. It also motivates you to actually turn up to yoga, or go to the gym looking and later feeling your very best.

As I have only four days until summer classes start (which I opted to take in order to gain more credits), I'm hoping to make the most of the next few days by exploring downtown today, and hopefully going out tonight. Yesterday while exploring the Internet, I came across a very interesting website (which I have no affiliation with what so ever)! Called: Today I'm wearing. Its pretty much a website for all your selfies (of outfits) that you never had the guts to post virtually, or do anything with other than save it in your phone as a memory. From what I gathered the website seems based out of the UK, but you can subscribe from all over the world and share your "look" with other members on the site.

Given that I have had so many outfits go to waste, I feel like this website was a great idea, and hope that it goes viral for creativity reasons. I set up a personal account with some prior outfits, and other members get to follow, love an outfit, comment an outfit etc. It's kind of like a Facebook for fashionistas. Or a live pinterest board of styles.

Street Style and me shopping in the rain (dedication I know!)
Bag-Marc Jacobs. Bangle-Hermes.


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