Sunday, July 14, 2013


So as I have been away in Bermuda, I have been semi terrible at blogging and updating my posts as frequently as usual. While away, I have had an overpowering state of mind and as I write more of my book I realize a certain pattern amongst my blog posts.

 Mainly that none of them are actually cohesive to one another. So if your wondering why this is, It's because my blog is about my life, styles, and topics that I find enjoyable to write about. I also write about topics that I find other people would benefit from, or can at least get something from (like my blog post about Zach Sobiech.)

As for the pictures I post: I post them because quite frankly, I think photos add more character to a blog. I would never want to read a blog about an imaginary person, and like my viewers to know whose writing what (which reverts me back to my other blog post: blogging vs bragging).

Though my blog may seem like I am someone whose a bit snobby (or something of the like), I promise that I am human and down to earth! I get nervous before dates, I'm bad at saving money, have days when I feel like a pig, and love vintage stores. My best find so far was a few weeks ago. I was going through the racks at Buffalo Exchange and found a  Diane Von Furstenberg dress for only $28! Although it needs to be sewn up in certain places and was priced because of its damages-I can't wait to fix the LBD (little black dress) up and wear it.

Lemon Cheesecake (Bermuda style) 
Catching up with sunrays, bubbly and work! 
Building  a Sand Castle with my little sister
Cartwheels on the beach! my gymnast/ cheerleading skills have lasted!
Visual merchandising 
Elbow beach 
A yummy lunch 
No make up or filter! 
Infiniti pool 
Dinner at "The Point"