Friday, July 19, 2013

why men hate blondes

Typical example of a "dumb blonde" joke
Honestly this topic has been pondering around my head for a while now. The older I get, the more that I realize that some men are just sheerly attracted to brunettes, or those with darker hair.

So why exactly is this? 

While my theory exonerates far from my ex boyfriend persuading me to dye my hair brunette (and looking terrible after making the RIDICULOUS mistake of complying) I decided to investigate into the matter (the best that I could).

As for the women out there reading this, I would like to clarify ahead of time that one of my best friends in the world is brunette and is absolutely stunning! (along with my two younger sisters). So it's far from my mind set that something as ludicrous as hair color can make you attractive or unattractive.

So, lets investigate more into the matter. After using google to my advantage, I wasn't shocked that when typing in "why men hate blondes" into the search bar, 20,400,000 results came up in .29 seconds. Yet  when typing in "why men hate brunettes" only 8,520,000 results were found. Thats almost three times as many for blondes, which only clarifies my point even more.

I was also disgusted at some of the comments that I read. For instance one British website "The Student Room" had a thread started by men, simply slagging off blondes-in many different ways.

One man had  multiple paragraphs on the matter, saying that he felt that he was being "force fed" blondes to the point where blondes were invisible" to him (GASP!). But his rant did not stop there. He also continued on  that "less, I recognize one that used to be an attractive brunette, in which case I can’t help but wince, and think “There goes another one.” Also there’s all the hype for blonde women. Blonde ambition. Legally blonde. Blondes have more fun. Gentlemen prefer blondes." All whilst hiding behind a user name. Thankfully there were both men and women arguing against his ill words, but one male seemed to agree adding in that "There is some good news! Blondes will soon be extinct!".

So then I decided to look for some real articles published on the matter. I passed through blog posts, poems, physcfourms, and youtube videos, until I finally reached the fourth page and clicked a blog  who wrote that"blondes should be perceived as Exotic sex toys". Disgusted, I scrolled down hoping for some comments that back lashed the "anti racial" male blogger and his despicable comparison.

Finally I found a Huffinton post article written by "Simone Kitchens" explaining why she decided to make the switch to brunette, adding in that when she walked around with straight blonde hair, she got asked if she was in high school. "It's a little bit easier to not feel as self-conscious about it now" she said.

So my opinion on this is that it is nothing short of pathetic. To judge a man or woman by their hair color. While I do believe that people can have a "type" of person that they are prone to "liking"- I'm hesitant to believe that if you met the man/woman of your dreams (with everything on your checklist except the correct hair color for you're liking), I doubt it would stop you from pursing them.

Your intelligence level is by no way shape or form determined by the fact that you were born with a blonde gene,  spent too much time in the sun, or felt like dying your hair. Nor is your personality defined by it. Oh and if you have a boyfriend that ever tells you to dye your hair  (to what ever he want's it to be-don't walk!).


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  2. I really find blonde hair unattractive. For some women it works for them, but it's the rare exception. And in those few they tend to look even more attractive as a brunette.

    1. If Christina Aguilera or Marilyn Monroe dyed their hair brunette, The world would end... and this is coming from a brunette... Oh, or Britney Spears!

  3. I think the taste starts to shift that is all.
    Think about it , since the bginning of Hollywood ,blond and blond women have been hailed as the epitome of beauty and sexiness, and after almost a century of exposure to it people can't see it anymore.

    I wouldn't say people hate blondes it is more of a ,,Meh, nothing special anyymore!" attitude.
    One thing I have noticed however is that a lot of blond women themselve have bought into the blond=beautiful,best-attitude and now don't now how to cope with the shift in it.

    1. Nope brunettes are the ones always bragging that they are beautiful , exotic etc and say nasty things about blondes online I know of a brunette woman in her 30s who owns multiple accounts on youtube she uses to write nasty deliberately vicious comments about blonde women she's nuts !
      Putting others down won't make you any prettier it just makes you look like a jealous , insecure , bitter person
      I'm the 1st to give another female a compliment whether she's blonde or brunette :)

    2. I've never understood why dark hair is called exotic when it's the most common hair color everyone has it if anyone is exotic it's redheads

    3. I agree completely that many of the blondes don't want to give up the pedestal to other types of beauties after being the sought after type for so long. So for this reason, they act entitled and as though they are better than others. If you are a blonde and not like this, no offense but you are really in the minority because most I've come across are like this.

    4. It's easy to see that Anonymous 12:55PM and Anonymous 12:57PM are butthurt blonde females. I am a male, not blonde. Most every guy I know prefers brunettes over blondes for just about everything. But they will approach blondes in bars for easy sex. To Anonymous 12:57PM, you will never understand because you think the hair color is all that guys are looking at to declare they are "exotic". Do you see many blonde Brazilians, Africans, Asians, Latinas or Indians? There are a handful, but the vast majority of them have brown or black hair. They are exotic to most guys. Thus, dark hair brings forth "exotic". Blondes are defined by media ads, porn stars and old pinup calendars. The new generation is not in love with blondes and blonde women hate that.

  4. I'm naturally a dark blonde and I feel so conflicted about my hair color. I used to get highlights and then stopped and put a brown over all my hair. I really love my hair blonde, but hate seeing all of the negative comments. :(

  5. I am naturally blonde and would probably dye my hair brown if I knew I would make an attractive brunette (after trying on brunette wig I realized the switch would be disastrous with my coloring).I have discovered that there are many people who actually do pick people for their hair color and have been dumped twice by men who preferred women with dark brown hair. (shrug) Brunette is the new blonde without all the stupid stereotypes attached. Brunettes never have to suffer blonde jokes , or endure the still prevalent notion that blondes are fake, superficial bimbos. The blonde stereotype is just that,a stereotype created by the media and the advertising companies in the fifties and exploited relentlessly. Today its the brunettes that are praised and flaunted, their shiny dark locks swinging lusciously in the L'oreal breeze. And this " brunette is IN" thing makes sense from an advertising perspective, because there are a heck of lot more natural brunettes than there were or are natural blondes. Everyone, it seems, is buying into the brunette is better baloney.(I almost did too) I hope a day will come when women aren't judged on their haircolor but judged for the person they are, whether they have black, brown, red, gray, purple ,white or gasp..blonde, hair.

  6. There are more hookers , pornstars , strippers , streetwalkers , prostitutes etc with brunette hair because there are more brunettes in the world

    The average pornstar is a brunette not a blonde

    Being trashy has nothing to do with hair color there are trashy brunettes and classy brunettes , there are trashy blondes and classy blondes , there are trashy redheads and classy redheads
    It's the person not their hair color =)

  7. People are "sheeplike" people only find brunettes attractive because the media says they're attractive it's sad people are so brainwashed by media influence and can't think for themselves .

    1. So, you are a blonde. Got it. You blonde women are not handing the "Brunettes have more Men" paradigm shift well. Im a guy, not blonde. Just in case you wanted to assume otherwise.

  8. I really didn't mean the above comment ^ I wrote to sound mean even though it comes across that way
    All I meant is that people are sheeplike and influenced by the media . Just look at how curves use to be considered attractive and now skinny is . I find BOTH brunettes and blondes attractive.

    There's unattractive blondes and there's beautiful blondes
    There's unattractive brunettes and there's beautiful brunettes

  9. CONT - Look how the media use to say curves where attractive and sexy now the media says skinny is =/
    I love being curvy beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

  10. Move to Indiana. Its opposite here. Guys here only pay attention to blondes. And brush off brunettes. No joke. Unfortunately...they are "those" type of men that are shallow and stuck up. Being a blonde in Indiana you get special treatment.

  11. I am a natural blonde. I have experienced a lot of the discrimination against blondes first hand. Simply put... It sucks. I get called Blondie, Blonde Woman, etc. a lot. It usually doesn't bother me, but in certain contexts it does. It really is a self-esteem downer when all I hear is how much men love brunettes and dislike blondes. How can you judge a persons beauty solely on their hair color? To me it is just plain stupid. I love men with any hair color. I have also heard really rude things about how blondes are just for hookups, not marriage material. That is ridiculous. I wish people realized how the words and things you say can really hurt someone. For people saying blondes are more common or less exotic, natural blondes make up only 2% of the world. That means there are a heck of a lot more brunettes than blondes. So you do the math, I would have to say brunettes are the least exotic of all the hair colors.

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  14. Just my opinion....

    In today's politically correct culture the only people you can make fun of are Blondes, Rednecks, and Hillbillies.

    Rednecks and hillbillies have to be made fun of from a distance because if you are within arms length of them something violent might happen to you.

    Because most people are cowards at heart they'll go after blondes because they are an easier target. Keep repeating the jokes and eventually even blondes themselves will start believing it's true.

    Myself I have (had) brown hair. It's grey now. A blonde or a woman with long black hair will always get a second look from me. I never liked jokes about blondes even when they were popular.

    1. It's true blondes are an easier target. Blondes get discriminated against the most out of all hair colors. I read an article on a study done on blonde women in the workplace not being taken as seriously as brunettes I've put the link below . A lot of blonde women feel the need to dye their hair dark because people are more respectful towards brunettes and take them more seriously.

      I think it's a shame we live in a world where you have to dump some dark hair dye over your head to be taken seriously. I wish all hair colors where treated equally and that blonde discrimination would stop.

    2. The reason why blondes are a easier target for hate is because blondes stand out even if you combine the percentage of natural blondes and the percentage of bottle blondes together there are still far less blondes than brunettes. Brunettes are the majority in most countries the average person has dark hair and dark eyes.

  15. My business is an organic and natural gothic. I've got encountered use many of the splendour next to blondes primary give. It's really simple... The item sucks. When i receive termed Blondie, Gothic Person, for example. lots. The item commonly isn't going to make an effort everyone, but also in a number of contexts and also. It’s some sort of self-esteem downer as soon as many When i find out is usually the amount of adult males appreciate brunettes in addition to do not like blondes. How might you appraise someone's magnificence just on their tresses coloration? To my opinion it truly is simply just simply dumb. I adore adult males having almost any tresses coloration. I've got likewise read definitely rude reasons for the way blondes are simply just intended for hookups, definitely not marital life stuff. That is certainly bizarre. When i hope persons came to the realization the fact that text in addition to factors people claim can injured another person. If you are indicating blondes are definitely more popular or maybe fewer incredible, healthy blondes makeup solely 2% on the earth. Actually quite a heck connected with extra brunettes in comparison with blondes. So that you complete this instructional math, When i might need to claim brunettes are classified as the lowest incredible epidermis tresses colorings.
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    Appreciate it for everyone.

  16. Blondes are the ones who stand out . Black and brown are the most common hair colors in the world . In nearly every country the average/typical person has dark hair and dark eyes. The percentage of blondes is smaller than brunettes even if you combine the percentage of bottle blondes and natural blondes together there are still far less blondes than brunettes. Brunettes are common so I don't understand why (some stuck up) brunettes call themselves exotic when exotic means different , mysterious and hard to find. I know not all brunettes are stuck up but some are and call themselves exotic when they're common.

  17. Dear AnonymousFebruary 4, 2016 at 8:05 PM

    I couldn't reply to your comment so I've written it down here. It's obvious that you are a brunette female pretending to be a guy because no man would argue to that extent and your comments sound so catty. Just because someone says brunette hair is common that doesn't mean that they're butt hurt they are just stating a fact. I know this is going to be very hard for you to understand because you sound full of yourself but there are people out there who like other hair colors besides brunette and when you made a comment about brunettes get more men paradigm I really hope that you place more value on more important things in life then how much attention you get from men.