Thursday, August 8, 2013

Under 21

After a week of finals, I can officially say that I have an abundance of issues to write about. From global warming turning into global cooling, Justin Bieber's wild antics, and last but not least McDonald's Monopoly.

Last weekend, Justin Bieber was caught bringing home, two "bottle girls" from his VIP table at South Pointe club in the Hampton's.  Diana Bhokasub age 24, and Sophia Rayo aged 32 both obliged to go home with the 19 year old, but didn't end up leaving quietly (or without being forced to sign non disclosure agreements about their night).

Justin Bieber At SouthPointe club
Somewhere between Justin flashing a torch, picking out girls to bring to his table and leaving the club, he got into a heated exchange with fellow club goer-Wayne Rennalls. Allegedly after Justin and his two girls of the night were leaving, Rennalls tried to retrieve his bow tie back that he had leant to one of them. But Justin's body guards didn't like how close Rennalls was getting to Justin, and gave him a beat down rather than his bow tie.

So your probably wondering why I'm writing bout a brawl between 19 year old Justin (who has recently been pictured spitting on fans and urinating in a janitors bucket in another NYC nightclub). Well, while reading multiple articles about the incident that took place last weekend, I couldn't help but wonder how an underage Justin is even allowed in 21+ clubs. Ok, I understand that he is Justin Bieber, and the fame/publicity he has associated. But is it fair that unless your known in Hollywood, your free to pass the bouncer?

Lets reverse the situation. A 19 year old NYC local tries to enter Marquee underage. What happens? He is instantly looked at, laughed at, and turned away. If he has a fake ID? He risks getting arrested and the ID taken. Yet in May Justin was seen partying at Marquee, 10ak and Avenue all within the same night. While I highly doubt Justin was sober while partying until 6am in the morning, how is it that he is allowed publicly into clubs, and others who are 21 and under (out of the spotlight) are shunned away?

Ironically our country is all about equal rights, but how is this equal? and how is it that one can get paid for an appearance at a club, while another can get arrested at an appearance at a club (underage)-and on the other turn of things, how hasn't a reporter or writer picked up on this issue? or even more so, the NYPD who I assume was involved in the club "brawl".

Given one of my little sisters is indeed a "Bieber bilieber" I would like to point out that this issue goes far beyond and before Justin. In fact other underage celebrities partying in nightclubs include: Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsey Lohan (shocker), Frankie Muniz, Miley Cyrus and many more. I won't care to bring up my thoughts on a 32 year old woman going home with a 19 year old either.

As for global cooling, Im really starting to get fed up with this weather. Usually in August, It's 90 degrees, sunny, and way to hot for you to even care how many calories is in a MrSoftee ice cream cone you see on every street of Manhattan (and just consumed). Yet this August, my heater is on, it's pouring outside, and the only thing I want is a nice hot cup of tea. After all, if it is this cold in August can you imagine in a few months time? #Snowsuit.

Onto McDonalds Monopoly. Just incase your not sure what on earth I'm talking about, McDonalds Monopoly is a sweepstakes game that occurs every year with the chance to win up to $1,000,000. But as I was walking past a "grand opening" of McDonalds in Chelsea earlier this afternoon, I couldn't help but ask how healthy this really was (no pun intended).

 For example: I have a very competitive personality. So after ordering a large diet coke and seeing two monopoly stickers on my drink, I immediately wanted to win the impossible game and earn more stickers. Then I wondered how kids must react to this. Each time you order french fries, a coke, a sandwich or chicken nuggets-you get the chance to win a million dollars. Is there any question as to why our country suffers from obesity? And is it really for a chance to win money? Or a chance to entice in more children, more customers and ultimately win a heart attack? Well, done McDonalds.