Friday, August 30, 2013

Right Place-Right Time

One of the reasons I love New York is it spontaneity. Never knowing who you will meet, what you will see or who you will sit right next to, on a subway. Sometimes you never will, or sometimes (like me) you will be shopping on your iphone (or attempting to shop, up until the moment you lose service) and get to know the "stranger" sitting next to you.

Like most people, I keep quiet on a subway. I either keep myself occupied by doing something on my phone, have music playing, or zone out into my own world. Yesterday I was doing just that, when a woman (with her own headphones in) asked me a question.

Keep calm and shop on
Before I continue on any further, this validates my point that everything happens for a reason. Before I walked into my 1pm class, I had two hours to kill and decided to go shopping (or window shopping as I didn't want to look like Rebecca Bloomwood strutting into class). I fell in love with two pairs of boots. One pair were beige-with an open front, just covering the toes, while the other was a navy  suede boot. I tried them both on, tweeting and instagraming pictures of the tentative additions to my closet.

Rationality hit the third time I tried the beige boots on and decided that they were much to "Gaga" for my liking. So I placed the two back (despite knowing that they could hold the size 7.5 boots-that I had just fell in love with), and chose a Starbucks Frappachino as my indulgence (instead).

So when I finally got to class, and was still daydreaming about these suede navy boots that I had fallen in love with, I knew that I really wanted them. So when my everlasting class finally ended, I was on my way back to the store when I got a text that I needed to be back home by 5.

By that point, I had no option BUT to go home. So I jumped in a cab, which inevitably had bumper to bumper traffic, jumped out of the cab and onto the nearest subway. As I was still thinking about the boots (that fitted perfectly)!-I decided to look for them online, and continued to do so, while sitting on the subway.

Thats when a women asked me if I was shopping on my phone, I said yes-and long story short the conversation progressed when she noticed my English accent. I wasn't sure if she was just talkative, curious or just very friendly (which lets admit-you don't usually come across on a subway)! But I engaged in the conversation, explaining that I went to school in the city and was a writer.

Unbeknownst my two minute elevator pitch (the extra credit assignment that I opted not to do last semester)! Was being spoken on a subway. It turned out that the lady (I won't mention names for privacy purposes) I was talking to worked for NBC, and at the end of the conversation (which started with me shopping for shoes)! She complemented my work, saying that she could see me working for them in the future. After taking my business card, we continued to talk until ironically getting out at the same stop.

 Lesson learnt? To always expect the unexpected.


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