Friday, August 23, 2013

What I learnt from Cosmopolitan magazine.. (this month)

With only eight days left of August: I'm dumbfounded. The summer has absolutely flown by, along with my enthusiasm for cold weather. But as people go back to school, start a new week at work or just  have a busy schedule in general-most of us don't have time to sit down, with a cup of tea (or coffee) and read the September issue of vogue (all 400 pages) even if our instagram pictures speak otherwise.

So when I woke up yesterday and read cosmopolitans September issue (at a meager 264 pages), I knew the perfect topic: Everything I learnt in cosmopolitan this month. 

So what I first realized was that most men just assume Cosmopolitan is about sex (and nothing else). So  despite the big bold and apparently daunting words being on the front cover-men-Cosmopolitan is about far more, than just sex.

So back to what I learnt in the Cosmopolitan "September Issue" 
  • I don't really know that much about who Nina Dobrev is, but she is gorgeous! (men-google her) women listen to her. She gave really good love advice saying: "Don't chase people; Be you. Do your own thing & work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you and stay"
  • Royal hue blazers are becoming a fashion craze for both men and women. (think: Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, Emmy Rossum, Ryan Reynolds etc)! 
  •   Josh Peck (aka the once (emphasis) goofy kid in Drake and Josh) is so hot! Aside from loosing all of his weight, he is now 26, gone through puberty (his words not mine) and advises Amanda Bynes to get a flip phone that doesn't have access to the internet. 
  • The US open that starts in three days and ends on September 9th's signature cocktail is The Honey Deuce (1&1/4th part Grey Goose, Fresh lemonade and 1/2 part Chambord, ice, and  honeydew melon balls #yum)! 
  • The MTV music awards are being hosted live from Brooklyn's Barclay center in just two days (the 25th of August)  
  • NYC fashion week starts on September 5th-September 12th 
  • Memmee is an app that is a "judge free" the touch of your iphone
  • white is ..quote on quote "seasonless" 
  • Remember when baby spice crimped her hair? Well, those crimpers are a backstage (secret) staple to fall fashion week. 
  • Sock buns are out-low messy buns-? In. AND easy. 
  • 1/5 couples in the UK, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary and China met online and find it a key tool for finding love. 
  • Marriage is at an all time low (gasp)   
I also learnt that in the time that I typed all of this up, I could have started to print out each and every one of my college sylbus-es, read another magazine, or gone to the gym.

Oh well, as they say-time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time


  1. hi mercedes, thanks for mentioning memmee! wanted to let you know our iPhone app launched today, it's free on the App Store. hope u like it!

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