Sunday, November 3, 2013

North Pole November

Does anyone else feel like we are in the North Pole!? Today, November 3rd it is absolutely brutally freezing. A meager 45 degrees. But don't rush to wear your Moncler (or alike) jacket quite yet, as once again on Thursday it will almost hit 70 degrees (AGAIN!). This is why people get moody, and sick. How can one's mood be steady when the weather can't even be steady? Beyond me! 

I've had two really fab days being back in Manhattan. As I have been on long island for the past few weeks, breathing city air surprisingly feels like fresh air (ironic!). I've missed the lights, the noise, and the atmosphere in general. 

To add to my joy, yesterday I was lucky enough to get 36 macaroons delivered to my door! And the day before? Serafina. 

They always say that people gain more weight in the winter to keep warm, but I'm hoping my favorite Chopra salad (no walnuts), margarita VIP pizza and then my favorite pasta does not go straight to my stomach! Or legs, or arms for that matter. 

This time of year is always so exciting, as the countdown for Christmas begins. I can't wait until I can put up my Christmas tree and Lights! 

Only...27 days until the first of December! 

Scribbles & my new custom made Chanel phone case! 
Fall at LIM college. 
Serafina yummyness
Laduree Delivery! 


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