Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Shopping List

This thanksgiving will be a mix between American (a turkey is involved) and English dinner. On the menu is: English homemade stuffing, Roast potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Steamed Carrots, Butter beans, Yorkshire Puddings, Green Beans and of course Turkey. For dessert: Apple pie and Quaker oatmeal raisin cookies. Tomorrow there will be cooking photos if i don't burn down the kitchen! 

Turkey try to get a ready to cook one, or oven ready turkey and not 20 LBS. A small one like 10-12 lbs or smaller, if you're only cooking for two. It will be much easier to cook one served for 2-6 than one served for 8-11 people. (I think!) 

-vegetable oil
-fresh white bread crumbs (a fresh loaf of bread works) it's for english stuffing
-strawberry jam
-red wine vinegar
-brown sugar
-granulated sugar
-baking soda
-1 cup rasins

-1 stick regular butter
- 1 stick unsalted butter sticks

-microwave green beans (long not short )
-microwave broccoli florets
-microwave bag brussles sprouts

-butter beans

-a bag of mixed green salad
-iceberg lettuce
-mini tomatoes(red or yellow)
-1 red onion
-1 white onion
- russet potatoes
-fresh sage
-baby button mushrooms

golden delicious apples 


  1. Like anyone fucking cares what you're anorexic ass buys at the grocery store. You're British, stop trying to ruin the most American of Holidays. Cheerio motherfucker.