Thursday, March 28, 2013


They say that "copying is the greatest form of flattery"so when a friend copy's something you do, write or wear, should you be flattered or flustered? It happens with everything  from work to fashion to dates.

I't becomes more of a complement, than a coincidence (when occurring more than once) but after a while it turns into vexation.

I'm often asked about my blog, how I started, why I started, when I started, and who manages it.

So lets clear some things up that you may be wondering. If you have taken a business law class, I am the "sole proprietor" of my blog (therefor I manage it)!

 Including graphics at the moment, thanks to staring at photoshop (almost crying with frustration) and practicing for hours on end with each "tool".

I opened the blog in 2010, but I didn't continue with it, given that everyone seemed to have one at the time. Up until I fully restarted in December, I only had 500 something views! I had the Carrie Bradshaw in my head but not the Carrie in my guts, to wear whatever I wanted (or type whatever I wanted) out in public.

After realizing that I love to style, I had the opportunity to: plan"styles of the day" (at my last internship) style models for fashion shows and help plan out photo shoots this February. Ultimately my fall internship helped me find my forte (or one of them at least ;)  I decided to branch out on my own and open up "Mercedes Chloe llc" (which is a company up&coming! so stay tuned and excited!). It's also something I really enjoy. In fact I never stop working, from typing at dinner with Mauro, typing at school, reading the newspaper each morning, googling at night, and staying on top of news, trends, and events. If i'm awake at 4 AM in the morning i'm either putting together outfits, writing business emails, planning meetings, or preparing a post. Dedication is an understatement!

As for why I do what I do,  it's mainly because I love to! So far there hasn't been a day where I wake up and dread writing or styling. I've also had great support from family, friends and of course my boyfriend (who puts up with me checking my phone every five minutes, photo documentation of my every day life, and of course my diva demands)! I also write, to have my voice heard.

 There are so many websites writing about bullshit, generalizing opinions about  hair color, a specific study in college, an occupation or a GPA. If this is news, god help us and future generations. Just because you think brunettes are better in bed (or blondes) doesn't mean it's a fact. Hair color doesn't determine anything. Get over it!

I'm someone that HATES being told what to do, or being bossed around. If you tell me to do something that I don't have to, or deserve to, I wont. Its's a bittersweet part of my personality and people tell me i'm "ballsy" for a petite (5'5) little blonde girl, but it's just that I know my limits. I put up with everything for a long time, but once i'm pushed to far, I run and don't look back.

I know how I deserve to be treated, I know the duties of my job, and I know how to stick up for myself, and others.

Stella Mccartney

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Terminal Cancer 14 year old Katelyn Norman

When Katelyn Norman learned that bone cancer was going to take her life, the 14 year old drew up a list of her final wishes-a slow dance, a last kiss and a date to prom.

Katelyn Norman 
Just as her friends had gathered at venue in LaFollette Tennessee on Tuesday night to throw the prom in her honor, Katelyn was airlifted to hospital struggling to breathe.

So her classmates and relatives brought the party to her bedside, bringing music, balloons and her handsome young date, to make sure that she didn't miss out on completing her bucket list. After fighting osteosarcoma, which is an aggressive bone cancer for the past two years, doctors told her just last week that it has spread to her arteries, pelvis, spine and heart-and that there is nothing more that can be done.

In an extraordinary show of determination and courage, the young girl drew up a list of activities she hopes to complete, before passing away. Some things on her bucket list include: learning to drive a car, getting a Marilyn Monroe piercing, having a last slow dance, spending a day with each of her three siblings, and attending Prom.

Katelyn who was in stable condition and high spirits on Tuesday night, was pictured smiling as her date bent down to her hospital bed, presenting her with a yellow corsage. Thousands of people stood along highway 63, as part of a candle lit vigil for Katelyn, who had insisted that a party continue in her absence.

"She contacted me and said prom must go on, thats her and you can't help but feed off that energy, that life" stated Sharon Shepard who is an instructor as Katelyn's school and prom coordinator. "Once you meet her your life will never be the same, she has such an impact" Shepard told WATE-TV. 

The event was held at The Stables in LaFollette and had been personalized for the teenager with the theme "Katie in the sky with diamonds." Friends danced, ate and drank at the party posing in front of Italian backdrops (which is also on Katelyn's dream list).

Campbell County mayor William Bailey, also attended the prom announcing that March 26th will be known as "Katelyn Norman Day" "We wanted to try to make this day, and this time in her life, special to her because she makes it special for people in Campbell County" he said.

Her story has spread across multiple social networking sites and Kristi Buckner in North Carolina set up a fundraising page so that her family could afford to carry out Katelyn's last wishes.

"Katelyn has touched so many people and has been an inspiration, she has brought an entire community together, 'Will you help us fulfill her bucket list?" It says. Katelyn's mother, Erica Nelson, said they hope to complete as many activities as possible, as she spends her last days back at home. " I just want to give her what she isn't going to see and just try to fulfill what she wants to do. Its not really much, but it's something to her..We're very grateful that they're wanting to come help Katelyn. She's touched a lot of people" She said.
Relatives kiss brave Katelyn
Her best friend Brandon Huckaby told ABC that "She's always used her sense of humor and her grab on others to push to make everything better for everyone. She doesn't care that she's suffering. She cares that other people are suffering and she wants to stop that." The 16 year old continued that he is also determined in completing Katelyn's wishes. "This is happening. I'm getting this done." he said.

Katelyn was diagnosed with the bone cancer, in May of 2011, when a friend punched her arm and it went numb. X-rays then revealed abnormal bone, and she was found to be suffering from cancer in her arm, nodules and lungs. Since then she has undergone multiple surgeries and chemo, but they have all failed to ward off the illness.

Although doctors are uncertain on how long Katelyn has to live, she is also determined to complete her wishes. "She doesn't let the fact that the doctors said she won't last very long bother her,' her friend Brandon said. "She has an attitude that, "I'm Katelyn. I'm bald, I'm beautiful and I will beat this."

You can donate to Katelyn's bucket list fund and wishes  here

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kendall Jenner on her weight

Kendall Jenner wearing Roberto Cavallari 
As Kim's defending her weight gain, Kendall's defending her weight loss. "I'm constantly criticised for being too skinny" says the 17 year old, speaking about her body while displaying her long legs in a white bodysuit.

Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall are my three favorites but without hesitation, it's clear that Kendall has the measurements fit for a supermodel. In a new magazine shoot and interview for Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Kendall speaks about how she has suffered backlash surrounding her lithe shape, and hurt from the taunts.

"I’m trying to gain weight but my body won’t let it happen. What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it's not a nice feeling." In an accompanying photoshoot for the magazine, she flaunts her slender physique as she models an array of designer ensembles.

Kendall Jenner wearing Calvin Klein 
Kendall posed in a cream body suit and Roberto Cavalli animal print blazer. Boosting her statuesque height,  she accessorised the outfit with sky high stiletto's featuring straps that criss cross half way up her legs.

The brunette beauty who revels she is currently working closely with (Victoria's Secret photographer) Russel James also looks glamorous in a dramatic halterneck black Gucci gown, with a floppy hat.

In her interview, Kendall admits that modelling has helped her overcome her shyness. "It’s true, I used to be so shy. I used to never talk, just sit back and do my thing"  she explains. "I was never bullied though,and it was never like it was something that needed to be ‘fixed’, like being shy is a bad thing."

"I am still pretty shy but I’ve gotten much better because I’m always on set for photo shoots and I’m always filming with my family." Also adding that her sister Kendall (whom she recently launched a clothing line with) has helped her come out of her shell.

"My little sister would always be the one to bring me out of my little phase because she was so outgoing and, like, crazy. I wanted to be like her and looked up to my little sister. She helped me come out more."

She also talks about her older sisters, and how she often goes to them for advice.

"I go to them for different things, 'Khloé is like my second mum, so whenever my little sister and I are fighting or we’re fighting with our parents, we call Khloé."

"Kourtney is very, realistic with things. She will tell you the cold, hard truth, even if it will make you cry, so whatever you’re dealing with, if you want to talk to her, she’ll be very realistic."

"Then Kim is supersmart and really tech-savvy, too. She’s been through a lot, so we can go to Kim with anything and she’ll have literally the best advice."

Despite frequently posting pictures of herself, and having over 4 million followers on her (non-private)  instagram, Kendall claims that she is a very private person. "I’m a very loyal and very private person when it comes to my personal life. But I obviously do have Twitter and Instagram, and I will share some of the things I’m doing. I like to promote my work when I’m at a photoshoot. I love to take pictures of myself or with the crew. But my personal life, I try to keep to myself as much as I can.

I mean, I do get that I have a reality TV show, so it’s kind of contradicting myself, but at the same time, I’m trying to stay a little more private."she states. Also adding in that the extra attention from being filmed has added to anxiety.

"It’s actually insane to me! I always say this to my little sister, I cannot believe four million people are looking at what I’m doing at all times. It kind freaks me out and gives me a little anxiety sometimes"

Kendall Jenner and mother/manager Kris Jenner 
In regards to her mother dictating her every move, she comes to the defense saying that: "I’ve always had a say in what I do. My mum would always come to me and ask if I wanted to do something that she thought was amazing,' she explains. 'She’d be like, "Oh my god, you have to do this", and I’d be like, "No, no thanks!" She’ll still push me but I’ve always, always had a say and ultimately it’s my decision."

Kendall also remembers the day that her life changed forever, when her mother told her and  Kylie that they would be followed by a camera crew to document their every move for their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "In the beginning, Kylie and I didn’t really have much to say, we didn’t really know what was going on. I came home from camp and my mum said, "We might have a TV show", and I was like, "Oh, okay", she explains. "Like, I didn’t really care, then it just gradually grew from there and it gradually grew on us."

The model is determined to break out on her own, and separate herself from her older sisters. "I’m trying my best with what I want to do, which is modelling. I think I’m on my own career path and I don’t really care what other people have to say about me being in the spotlight of my sisters. I’m just doing my own thing,"she says.



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No laughing at me! I know I have my blonde moments, but it's really hard to edit a video, and pick the right music (hahaha), and then do your make up into a camera screen! However I tried my best! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

The definition of a Bitch

I hate controversial articles, but this topic sparked my interest while laying in bed at 6am and regretting everything I ate at dinner last night. Yesterday while unpacking for my 6 days of spring break (spent at home, with my five, eight, and ten year old siblings) I was unpacking my "healthy" food (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes etc) when I almost accidentally shut Barnby's head in the fridge (poor B)! I was almost in tears over the incident, giving him a head-toe paw checkup and lots of love to make up for my stupidity while he continued to sniff (the door) of my fridge. As he was doing so, I started to think about issues such as greed, speed and yes the definition of a "bitch".

Don't ask, what actually made me think about these three things (after almost shutting Barnby in the fridge) but I started to feel bad that I brought "my own" food back to my house, not wanting to eat smiley faces and dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner. Life is so short that we limit ourselves, and set in our mind whats acceptable to eat and what's not. Seriously by the looks of my Sunday posts it makes it seem like I live on a diet of Starbucks, Pizza, Ice Cream and Macaroons, which validates that looks can be deceiving.

Last semester I lived off of fruit, vegetables, bagels (for breakfast) and the occasional indulgence. This semester I cut out all bagels (which surprisingly I don't miss), and switched my breakfast to cereal, oatmeal or a Luna Bar.

 I'm no nutritionist (despite my semester spent at medical school with pink lab goggles, before I literally almost ran away in tears when I was told to dissect a cat) but this minor switch  cutting out bagels made a big difference.

Hypothetically eating a bagel each morning can add up to around 2,310 calories a week (minus butter or cream cheese) and 357 carbohydrates. Those extra calories can go towards an indulgence here and there, and that's exactly what I do. It really is all about moderation, and what I try to do is eat healthy throughout the week, and then when I see my (food loving)! Boyfriend Mauro, let myself eat pasta at dinner, or my self proclaimed "guilty pleasure" of the week.

Sitting at Red Tomato yesterday (the best thin crust pizza, I have ever had)! A group of high school girls sat about 2 tables down. It was virtually impossible not to hear what they were saying. Discussing school, parties, and where "everyone" was going to college.

Apparently applying to the same "reach school" as you, classifies you as a "bitch" because all this one girl had to say for half an hour was that a "friend" of hers  had also applied to Columbia, and because of her acceptance, she was a "bitch". Her two friends sat there also badmouthing the same girl poor girl while texting away on their cell phones.
Being a Big Kid at Heart

So lets go back to English. According to dictionary.Com, the definition of a bitch is as follows:

1.a female dog (I learnt this in fifth grade)
2.a female of canines generally.
3.a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.

The word is used relentlessly, by both sexes. The more its said, the less it means. Except for the person who is called the "bitch" and then explodes over why they were called the malicious word, in the first place.

The derogatory term is said by tweens, teens, adults and the unexpected (in my case a family friend over the age of 72). Generally it's said as some sort of describing word. Yet out of the 14 people I asked (between the ages of 15-42), each had a different definition. The definitions varied from "someone that's mean" "Regina George""a snipe horrible person" and the best yet "a jackass".

Anyway with that being said, today was my first official day spent on Long Island (excluding the 1/2 day I spent here yesterday). The girls in my family went shopping (which included toys-r-us) I got Barnby some bits and bobs, a dress for our school "Rebelution" fashion show on the 12th, and a suit case for England.