Friday, May 31, 2013

The ending of May

So as we have seemingly probably  all established (especially if you look at my Facebook albums), I love taking pictures of myself ( WRONG!) It's not that I love taking pictures of myself (I promise, I am not that vain at all!), it's more so that in the future I can look back and remember all of the great times I have, how blessed and lucky I am, and how much change occurs each and every year. In the olden days when there wasn't Facebook, people had photo albums to share there memories, but today those albums are online (along with lots of other progressions such as: shopping and communication). We no longer have to bring film rolls from disposible cameras to get developed, and instead can upload pictures from a click of a button.

So although yesterday I shared pictures from my fun in the sun, I have more pictures from " my night out" which was supposed to be at Ainsworth, Sl, and Avenue but instead ended in tears and well..not a night out (long story).

Outfit with my new shoes! (just shows you how shoes can dress up such a plain outfit!) 
So what I do have from the (far from fun) night/day, I have attached below.
Comfort food (don't wasn't mine;) 
Pretty Little Rain Drops 
Silly faces
My failure to pose! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013


MarieClaire UK editors pick for best dressed!
Yes I make a tanning bed for myself...via sun 

NYC rooftop pools

In the city, 90 degree days can either mean: tanning, or torture. So if you need a rooftop pool for the day, I'm here to help. Lets explore the top 6 pools to beat the heat:

SoHo house. 
This is a members only club, and probably the most desirable pool/poolside in Manhattan. Aside from having a hip atmosphere, it also offers spectacular views of the Hudson River and the West Village. But don't hold your breath on getting exclusive membership. You need two existing members to write you letters of recommendation, a picture along with career history, and about 3 grand to sign up to  SHNY every house (giving you world wide access). It's called exclusive, for a reason.  

SoHo house NY

The Gansevoort Park Avenue 
On a much more moderate side (in comparison to SHNY) There is the rooftop pool at the Gansevoort.  There yearly round pool offers stunning views of the Empire State Building, and the heated pool has a collapsible garage door allowing both indoor and outdoor swimming at your convenience. FYI: you do need to be a hotel guest, but no application needed for membership! 
The Gansevoort Park Avenue 
Thompson LES 
For more of a gritty-glam environment, Thompson on the lower east side is the place to go. Plush orange lounge chairs are placed around a black and white Andy Warhol filmstrip pool. Hotel guests can enjoy cocktails and food, as they lounge and enjoy. FYI: you do need to be a hotel guest. 
Thompson LES
Ok so enough with the teasing, yes there are a few pools that don't require membership or a hotel room. 

Hotel Americano: La Piscine 
 The pool at Hotel Americano is called La Piscine in proper french fashion, and on a positive note: open to the public. They feature cozy cabana's and daybeds for sunny poolside chilling. They claim to have a Latin-french fare along with delicious drinks. But do they serve macaroons?
Hôtel Americano 
 The James 
Leave sticky Manhattan behind and head straight to the rooftop at the James for a modern and swanky escape. This pool is open to the public on weekends from 12 PM-5pm and has an indoor bar. Did I mention their food is provided by David Burke Kitchen?
The James
Le Parker Meridien 
For something a little more Uptown, head to Le Parker Meridien. Located on west 56th street. For $100 your day pass can get you 42 floors above street level, sunbathing in direct sunlight. Towels are included for you and you can order food poolside or head downstairs to eat. Just make sure to head over early on the weekends, as day passes are limited and sold on a  first come first serve.

Le Parker Meridien

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Amanda Bynes..

If you ever wondered what a diva melt down look liked... just read my post yesterday. Onto happier topics, the weather for the next few days is supposed to be beautiful. So get ready for bikinis, margaritas and finally some sunlight. There are even multiple articles circulating the web, that sunlight allegedly makes people happier. So lets see if it works.

Next-Amanda Bynes. Yep she has indeed become worse than a Lohan. Aside from cutting all her hair off (like Britney), making a dig at Rhianna tweeting "the reason Chris Brown beat her was because she was ugly" (via twitter), throwing drugs out of her apartment window (in NYC) and boosting to her (very few) fans/followers that she is going to get another nose job and become a rapper- she has yet again made headlines.

This time posting pictures of what appears to be an impromptu party for three, earlier this month. In the shocking photos Amanda is seen reclining on her bed which is stripped down without sheets or any other bedding.  She is seen wearing sunglasses shielding her eyes, holding back her hair extensions (which are in a tattered mess) and smeared makeup on her face. Yet this doesn't stop her from posing for the camera next to a burnt out joint, appearing to be emulating Madonna's famous "vogue" pose. #Trainreck.

Aside from her makeup disaster,  her outfit also screams for "attention" as she wears a sheer cream dress exposing her black bra, with a denim and leather jacket over the top. A man who goes by the name "Joe" provided the pictures and information to In Touch magazine and was supposedly one of the men "partying" with a hazy Amanda. Seen proudly preening and pouting in a mirror as another guest who was smoking got physically close to her.

But of course instead of admitting her mistakes, once the snaps emerged Amanda has once again jumped to her own defense by tweeting "That’s not my bed! Those aren’t my toes! My toes are pedicured!" but its blatantly clear that it is indeed the former child star.

The two men said that they witnessed Amanda smoke marijuana as she sat on top of a mattress in her bedroom. The photos were taken in Amanda's apartment which the two men described as "filthy"and it is apparently littered with garbage and takeout containers. Though her windows have been half spray painted black.
Amanda Bynes yet again making an attack via twitter 
The  men also claim that they saw empty "drug baggies" strewn on the floor."Weed was everywhere" Giovanni told the magazine. "On the bed, all over the floor." They then continued to bash her mental state as Joe told the magazine: "One minute she's cool and down-to-earth.The next, she's totally different - indecisive and she can't hold a conversation. Mentally, she is all over the place."

This information all emerged just after she was arrested last Thursday night for allegedly throwing a bong out of the window of her 36th floor apartment. But on Monday, she went on a lengthy rant on what she called her " mistaken arrest" telling confused Twitter followers that:
"I'm suing NYPD for illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me and lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia, then I'm suing for being put into a mental hospital against my will, then locked up overnight for coming home after a facial and working out with my trainer like the good girl that I am. I'm allergic to alcohol and drugs and don't partake in any of the above. I'm so offended by all of this but so proud to not be a drug or alcohol user."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Between P & M

Today the weather in NYC correlated to my bad mood (pouring of rain). It started off by disliking my Starbucks coffee frappachino at 6 am (never happens), followed by a 30 minute subway ride downtown (standing up), and crying in the middle of the flatiron district due to a little bit of a meltdown and big nonsense going on. Apparently you can never be to old to cry in public. As long as you have dark sunglasses and a good reason.

Why I tried to keep calm and carry on, It didn't happen. I didn't stop crying, and nor did the ginormous rainstorm, that caught me off guard without an umbrella. As the day went on and I finally calmed myself down, and sat on the couch. I took a few deep breaths as Barnby then jumped up, sat on my lap whilst wagging his tail in my face and then turning right around to lick me. Being the affectionate dog that he is, I think he could sense that I was upset and as they say " A dog is a mans best friend" well change man into woman. 

Midday I decided to weigh myself and realized that I had ironically gained weight from eating a healthier diet and doing yoga on a daily basis. Yes gained. Progressively my day got worse by the minute, until here I am blogging about it. Usually i'd keep my five year old meltdown to myself. But I think it shows character...and confidence that I have pride in knowing it's ok to show emotion, now and then. It's also been my first good cry in a very long time, and was needed. Between the streets of Park and Madison Avenue.

Today was also the start of my summer classes which I am taking online. I'm only taking three classes which are:  Public relations, entrepreneurship and economic history of the 1920s. If it sounds like a lot of work, well I will happily tell you after reading through the syllabus-that it is. As one of my professors put it: we have ten weeks to get through a 457 page text book. D-e-l--i-g-t-f-u-l. Yet what needs to be done, must be done.

So practically my day was: dreadful, daunting and dissatisfying. And while I want to think that there is nothing a good ice cream "can' fix"-Im starting to realize my metabolism disagrees.

Candy Rose

Candy Rose

American Vintage net shirt
$48 -

Grey skirt

Leather pumps
$1,050 -

Jimmy choo handbag

Monday, May 27, 2013



Hervé léger
$2,005 -

Mango handbag

Memorial Day

Veuve Clicquot for brunch. Call me the best chef!
Bag-Chanel, Shoes-Giuseppe Zanotti, Dress- Alice & Olivia, Poses-Silly
Cut Outs 

Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech 
This morning a youtube video popped up on my news feed, and of course through out,  I was crying as Zach Sobiech was a terminally ill 17 year old who enunciated that "You don't have to find out your dying, to start living". The 17 year old whose diagnosis encouraged him to go out and live his life to the fullest, after getting diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was just 14 years of age.

Zach accepted his illness, and immortalized himself in his families and friends hearts through songs that he wrote for them. 

His song "Clouds" became a YouTube sensation, and today has over 6,039,154 views. After the video went viral, a performing rights organization: "Broadway Music Inc" signed Zach, and his song reached the number one spot on the itunes store. 

Just one week ago today, on May 20th, 2013  Zach lost his battle to cancer, passing away. 

His hope “I wanna be remembered as a kid who went down fighting – I didn’t really lose." 

His family started "The Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund" to support research of this rare disease, and supporters can make donations to help other children suffering from cancer. Zach Sobiech inevitably touched the heart and spirit of millions, and spread joy wherever he went. 

Zach left a lasting legacy, whose life ended just as he lived. Embraced by the love of his family, friends, grace and music. Rest In Peace Zach Sobiech.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Saved by the bell, or better yet a clock as I almost realized I didn't blog today. Blame it on Soho, where I spent most of my day looking and shopping for clothes. I have to admit, I haven't been shopping there in a really long time. So going in almost every store from Broadway-Laffette-Wooster Street was essential. I also ended up with two pairs of new shoes, a dress, a shirt, and a Lulu lemon workout outfit. Lucky? Yes. The later was curtsy of Mauro, who impulsively rushed to the cashier after I tried on the workout gear saying that "I needed it". Now I feel even more obligated to stick to my summer workout/diet plan!

So after spending almost all of my paycheck (I need an economics class), I decided to have a very low key lunch, at Subway. Quite the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to Nello but while Mauro sat in mortification, I enjoyed a salad. Reminiscing over my high school days where most of my "free periods"were spent.

Finally after shopping from 10am-6pm, and walking all over the place, we mutually agreed to call it a day, and head back to my apartment.

Park Avenue Spring

Yesterday I won sibling of the year award as I willingly went into Times Square. A tourist attraction, and for those that live in Manhattan: a New Yorkers worst nightmare. From people walking in slow motion, staring at maps and walking around in circles, to stand stills looking upwards, crazy dancing Hello Kitties and Elmos charging $10 for a picture, and then of course the disgusting scented food carts on each and every corner. Did I also mention grid lock? Even in weather that felt like winter?

At Park Avenue Spring. Sweater is made by: Aqua 
Anyway there are some good "attractions" in Times Square, especially if you have had a mimosa, or two before hand. As my family headed into the city for the weekend, we went to "Park Avenue spring" for brunch, where I ordered: two glasses of champagne, a spring salad with citron vinaigrette and ricotta pancakes, with yuzu creme fralche and strawberry rhubarb jam. My gallant little sister had a more risqué dish which was the "Fried Chicken and waffle sandwich". To much surprise (more so my sisters), both dishes were quite palatable, and I would definitely go back there.
Park Avenue Spring
We then headed to Times Square, going to Ripley's believe it or not for my other little sister's birthday. I was a big kid as I enjoyed in, on the very exciting/mirthful exhibit.

This salad was delicious, and healthy!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Meet Mr Wall Street

Meet Mr Wall Street. Canadian real estate broker Marin Lavoie who enjoys the finer things in life as he shows the other 99 percent what they're missing.

Under the telling user name: MrWallStreet83, the 29 year old self styled playboy/businessman has been flooding his instagram account with pictures of tailored clothing, high end watches and multimillion  dollar homes.

Until recently when he decided to delete both accounts, Lavoie would take the time out of his busy condo-hawking schedule to share photos of himself to his 483 followers. Nonchalantly posing in his perfectly pressed suits, watches, or holding a cash fan of Canadian $100 bills.

Mr Martin Lavoie
One photo certain to turn any "commoner" green with envy, shows about two dozen bottles of champagne magnums chilling in a sleek ice bath. But recently his social websites such as: Instagram, Twitter and his Facebook page (which featured numerous pictures of high end penthouses with breathtaking views) has now been deleted.

And just incase his followers were skeptical that the 29 year old broker is the absolute real deal, he posted a receipt for a meager $135,000....spent on booze. Including a magnum bottle of Armand De Brignac Nebuchadezzar champagne, with a price tag of around $100,000.

But the coy broker later told New York magazine that some of the penthouse pictures and the receipt of booze, belonged to a friend of his. According to the Daily online, and to get the point across that life has been treating him quite well " the pudgy canadian with cheshnut hair and a five-o-clock shadow" has been supplementing his photos of Hermes ties with gold embossed business cards with hash tags like #Wealth, #Fortune500, #Goldmansachs and #moneyneversleeps.

Although Lavoie works far away from the heart of New York Cities financial sector where well dressed stock traders roam free. He said he chose his instagram user name "Mr Wall Street" for the future. While some people may consider such public displays of excess luxury-bad taste, Lavoie believes that he is performing a form of "public service".
One of many Penthouse Pictures
"I’m just trying to show people the good things in life"  he told New York Magazine. "If I go somewhere, I’m staying in a nice hotel. I’m not cheap with the cars I’m driving, the clothes I’m wearing. Perhaps I don’t live the Trump life, but I’m happy with what I have in my life so far."

Lavoie also emphasized that he was "not trying to be cocky" by sharing his pictures, but instead trying to  "set an example" for others by showing them his actual lifestyle. According to his online profile, Lavoie is currently living in Montreal and works as a broker for the London Reality Group Inc.

"Perfectly aware of tastes and needs of the younger generation of professionals as well as the accomplished ones, Martin is very familiar with the downtown core market" his profile boasts.

And just in case your curious, yes ladies, Lavoie is single.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Gym/ Yoga Outfit
Victorias Secret/ LuLu Lemon
Yesterday was the first time, in a very long time that I haven't written a post. While I'm still quite perplexed as to why that was, what I can say is that there was one major problem: I had nothing exactly to write about. Lets call it the equation of stress. Finals, anticipation of grades, and the fact that the news said we would have 11 hurricanes this year. Yes, eleven.

Also with all the tragedies going on within Oklahoma and London, it just didn't seem appropriate when my mind set was not in the right place. On a more uplifting note, I finally did yoga! Which I'm proud about because I have been saying for weeks that I would start, but just never got around to. But after fulfilling my online shopping craze, ordering a pink yoga mat, a lulu lemon sports bra, top and yoga pants from Victoria's Secret-I was finally feeling ready. Of course everything I ordered was in black, so sharing pictures of my outfit wouldn't be that exciting. But I have to admit the Victoria Secret "Most Loved Yoga Legging" were the most comfortable yoga pants I have ever tried on (and probably the only yoga pans i've ever tried on. But still).

Rainy Casual
(Hunter rain boots. Victoria Secret yoga pants.
Juicy couture comfy shirt) 
So now that I'm a yoga phonetic, I'm on a mission to get more workout clothes and get into running. It sounds ridiculous but it really is a little power boost, when you workout in new clothes that you feel great in. It also motivates you to actually turn up to yoga, or go to the gym looking and later feeling your very best.

As I have only four days until summer classes start (which I opted to take in order to gain more credits), I'm hoping to make the most of the next few days by exploring downtown today, and hopefully going out tonight. Yesterday while exploring the Internet, I came across a very interesting website (which I have no affiliation with what so ever)! Called: Today I'm wearing. Its pretty much a website for all your selfies (of outfits) that you never had the guts to post virtually, or do anything with other than save it in your phone as a memory. From what I gathered the website seems based out of the UK, but you can subscribe from all over the world and share your "look" with other members on the site.

Given that I have had so many outfits go to waste, I feel like this website was a great idea, and hope that it goes viral for creativity reasons. I set up a personal account with some prior outfits, and other members get to follow, love an outfit, comment an outfit etc. It's kind of like a Facebook for fashionistas. Or a live pinterest board of styles.

Street Style and me shopping in the rain (dedication I know!)
Bag-Marc Jacobs. Bangle-Hermes.