Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Breaking Up With Manhattan

Breaking up with Manhattan has got to be my hardest breakup yet. Having lived here since I was 18, I'm reluctant to leave. As well as the first to admit that when it comes to living with people (even family), I'm pretty selfish. Im used to doing everything alone, which means shopping, eating, cleaning, complaining and everything in between. These qualities usually attribute to my independence, but living with six people will not.

I have to learn how to tune out the xylophone my sister plays at 10 pm at night, deal with my brothers Kate Upton comments (along with south park jokes), watch my baby sister twirl around in tutus, and be "pleasant" to my parents, instead of acting like a spoiled 22 year old brat, sulking about her Manhattan breakup (easier said than done). 

Of course the most daunting part of moving, is moving all my clothes. I have acquired so much over four years, that it seems almost impossible to move. I have no idea where 43 pairs of heels will go, and no idea how I will transport them. But on a more serious note, I have to pack everything up. From plates-books-perfume-holiday decorations-EVERYTHING, and then drive it home to long island (5,000 times). Overwhelming indeed.
My first true love 

I have less than two months to pack, unpack and settle. I will miss walking everywhere, the skyline, ubers, seamless orders, tanning on my rooftop (with champagne), unapproachable attitudes and the overall NYC atmosphere. Along with walking into my local Starbucks every morning at 6 am, and getting my drink handed to me (already prepared).

A reoccurring lesson this year has been to appreciate what you have until its gone, because literally life can change overnight- and for me it certainly did (with life, living and people). Decisions often mean sacrifices, and change is always intimidating. Especially when your life turns upside down.

On a positive note- I get to redecorate my bedroom which means getting new paint, new furniture and possibly a carpet (a soft ground to fall on when things get rough). With that said, furniture shopping has got to be the most boring thing ever. When I went two weeks ago, I looked like a 13 year old brat arguing on her cell phone (the entire time) instead of opening drawers and observing tentative beds. Another reason to appreciate all of life's blessings, even if it's choosing new furniture.

I also anticipate on moving back into the city by 2015 ( fingers crossed) dependent on getting a job early September, and being able to save opposed from shop. But im in no rush to plan, as i've come to realize that life can throw unexpected lemons at you and change your life plan. They say the best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations. So for now, I'm taking it day by day whilst learning to adapt to any obstacles thrown my way.