Wednesday, April 23, 2014

10 Signs Your Relationships Over

Knowing (and admitting) your relationships over can be unsettling. I'm all for trying to rekindle things, but there comes a point where you need to stop acting like a doormat and give up on the person that's "just not that into you".

Recently, a friend of mine went through a breakup after being with someone for over a year. The longer your with someone, the longer it takes to get over them (completely), but if you look back on prior relationships-you realize it's defiantly possible.

Your heart isn't breaking, you're not dying, and theres plenty of fish in the sea that WILL be interested in you. After semi helping her through the tears and anger, we decided to conjoin everything that validates your relationships over.

1) You stop fighting. This sounds imbecilic, BUT people fight because they care. When someone stops arguing with you, it probably means they've stopped caring about you.

2) No trust. A relationship without loyalty/trust is nothing. In fact, a few years after a four year relationship, my ex got "loyalty" tattooed on his back. He was a big advocate on trust/loyalty throughout our relationship, yet ended up cheating on me anyway (well done)!

3) Starting fights. I'd say this comes from a guilty conscience. If someones trying to start fights with you over nothing, I'd start to question why. Then I'd check your actions on top of it. Technically if you're trying to hide something, you're not doing a very good job at doing so (hence the fighting). If you're not trying to hide anything, your free to post whatever you want. BUT it should raise an eyebrow why your girlfriend/boyfriend is questioning your actions.

4) All except kissing. This isn't a scene out of Pretty Woman. If you're sleeping together BUT your "partner" refuses to kiss you-this is a huge eye opener. Especially if you try to kiss him and he turns away (#embarrassing). Even Justin and Mila kiss in Friends With Benefits. Chances are, his just using you for sex (with no emotions involved). Kissing is intimate, which is why hookers and prostitutes refuse to kiss there clients. Unless you're a prostitute-don't act like one.

5) Lack of communication. Its 2014, if your communication does a 180-it's time to investigate why. If every response you receive is hours later, this should raise questions. Or if you only exist at late night hours. If he/she wanted to talk to you, they would find the time to do so. You deserve to be more than someones last priority.

6) Being bored. At the beginning of any relationship, romantic gestures come thick and fast. Once "hanging out" becomes boring-it's time to realize why. If theres nothing to talk about, and hanging out/talking becomes more of a chore, it's defiantly time to call it quits.

7) No effort. If someones always bailing on you, its because they don't care about you. A relationship takes two to tango.There should be equal effort on both sides. If you're the only one making the effort to see him/her-I'd start to invest it somewhere else.

8)No affection. If being affectionate has become a thing of the past, then your relationship needs an emotional overhaul. If you don't want to embrace the man/woman in your life, and wouldn't miss them if/when they move on, then its time to let them go completely. Games get old quick.

9) Thinking about other people. If you start "fantasizing" about other people and imagining your life as a single man/woman, then your relationship is well over. You're already emotionally detached.

10) No interest. You know your relationship is over when you become completely indifferent to your ex (or soon to be-ex). If you don't care what he/she does, where they go or whether you get to see him/her-then its time to move on.


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