Thursday, April 3, 2014

Exploring Manhattan

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM 
Given it's (sadly) my last month living in Manhattan for a while, I've decided to dedicate every day (over 50 degrees) to exploring. Today that level of exploring meant walking 64 blocks uptown, until my legs felt like they were going to fall off. Observant of the different worlds each avenue (and block) makes, I was careful to keep my eyes and ears wide open.

My morning started, walking my dog Barnby to our regular Starbucks. The good part of Starbucks mass marketing themselves on every street, is that you get an "intimate" four minute conversation with your regular barista that your on a first-name basis with. I don't have to open my mouth in order for them to make my venti coffee frappachino light, nor wait behind ten people in order to place one.

I then went to breakfast with one of my best friends.  The same best friend who managed to capture my excitement when finding a cupcake ATM walking across Lexington & 61st.

Four years ago, the same excitement would have been on my face walking into Juliet supper club together (that was until its demise in 2011 when the crew started to change). "It wasn't black Amex cards anymore. It was cash in rubber bands" said former doorman Ruben Rivera, reflecting on the clubs downfall. But clubs often die out once doormen lower there standards, and the novelty starts to ware off. These days Provocateur is considered one of the more exclusive places to be, alongside with SoHo house and Boom Boom room.

Once breakfast was over, the sun encouraged me to spend the day out. Starting on 55th, I worked walked my way uptown, attentive to the diversity. I saw NYC nanny's pushing bugaboos, couples walking to work, men on cellphones, women on cellphones, and then the uncategorized. I on the other hand, was the ditzy blonde who almost got hit by a cab at 10 in the morning, walking across the road instagraming.

As the boutiques along Madison Avenue were closed, I wondered into an empty Laudree and ordered a single vanilla macaroon eulogizing the new Nina Ricci box, and Marie Antoinette macaroon. Walking out, I had noticed the Christian Louboutin window from afar and wondered over to (also) eulogize over their white crocodile Pigalle shoe.

After ringing there prestigious doorbell, and finding out they were sold out in a 37.5 I continued on my journey uptown, until deciding to make a U-Turn and make my descent. By  that point, walking home seemed daunting. My legs were aching, my flats were causing blisters and I was exhausted from trying on 7 different dresses in Milly. None of which, appropriate for the occasion I was looking for.


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