Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Growing Vs Glowing

Finding anything to wear nine months pregnant is defiantly a task. Thankfully I've been able to wear bigger clothes throughout my pregnancy, instead of being fully dependent/limited on maternity clothes (size 0 jeans aside).

But as the days fly by, and time progresses I defiantly find myself more eager to dress up my growing bump. At the same time, I plan on going to the gym as soon as my little guy is here and (confidently) wearing bikini's by July. With my little sidekick of course:)

After a month of planning, I finally had my baby shower where we received wonderful gifts from my friends and family. Some gifts included a Mama Roo (from my grandparents in Las Vegas), lots of new clothes (including his first Burberry shirt),bath time goodies, a "sleep sheep", Union Jack baby bottles (to stay loyal to his roots), and some bedtime stories.

I was also lucky enough to receive lots of roses, an hour massage, and bottles of champagne to celebrate with once my little boy is here.

Everyone kept saying that my pregnancy has flown by, and that I was glowing. I begged to differ, insisting it was my tan, and that the days have gone in slow motion. At the same time I still remember taking 15 pregnancy tests (in denial), like it was yesterday.

 I was also lucky enough to get my dream pram (Thanks to my lovely grandparents back in England). After tons of research, I chose the Mima Xari.  I figured if it was good enough for Beckham to push around, it was good enough for us! Jokes aside, it had excellent reviews and unlike the Stokke or Bugaboo, isn't seen on every other block of Manhattan. But nothings ever easy, and once I had made my decision (9 whole months later), I found out that the pram was sold out all over the country.

After being in contact with the company, and lots of hours, tears (thank hormones)  and phone calls later -I finally found the pram in stock (at one shop) and had it shipped to my house. Reading the instruction manual and putting it together on my own was like reading dutch. I had no idea what I was doing. Finally my mum helped me, and I decided to keep it up until he comes.

My parents have also spoiled him rotten with lots of beautiful clothes, and a gorgeous new crib/bedding set. For privacy/safety reasons I wont be posting pictures of him (once he decides to make his grand arrival) on a public website, but needless to say, everything's slowly but surely falling into place-and I can't wait to start this new chapter of my life. Inevitably motherhood means less lengthy posts on here, but I will update periodically, and continue with styling.

I've also managed to move (single handedly) while graduating. Two things that once seemed impossible. The lesson I learnt is that despite obstacles, all you can continue to do in life is move forward, and prove people wrong. With an awesome marketing opportunity with a Cali/NY firm, I  can confirm that my life is moving in the RIGHT direction. It took nine months to do so, but I've never been happier/more optimistic about mine and my little boys future. I've realized that nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind to it, and that strength radiates off of others negativity.