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1 week on F-Factor (Day 7)

Ok everyone.. I get the hype! For blogging purposes I decided to weigh myself this morning and was shocked to find that I've lost 3lbs. I'm eating more (of the right foods), working out less (from running miles and resenting the gym pre-quarantine to 15-20 minute low impact Melissa Wood/ Megan Roup workouts) AND my mind isn’t consumed with food which is a huge factor.

I woke up craving a good sweat this morning after barely getting any movement in the past few days (very unlike me), so did a 45 min full body workout with Megan Roup. I love her workouts because I really feel a burn..but not an overpowering burn like HITT or an Equinox Metcon class.

I'm recognizing that my hunger cues are quite off. It takes EATING to recognize that I'm hungry, which is why I believe it's important to stick to meal times. When I tried intermittent fasting - it really didn't work. I was so focused on the clock and meals that it almost felt restrictive. This lead to binging and eating way too much in one sitting. With F-factor I feel satisfied, and almost have to remind myself to eat. Another huge benefit? Adding fruit and healthy fats (salmon/avocado) back into my diet.

Breakfast 9.30am

  • Fage 0% Greek Yogurt

  • 3/4th cup Fiber one cereal

  • 1 small banana

Thoughts: I can't emphasize enough how much I love eating fruit again. Although this breakfast was really high in carbs, it kept me full and really hit the spot.

Lunch 12.30PM

  • THE SAME exact salad I've eaten for three days! (greens, cauliflower rice, tomatoes, tuna, avocado..) With light Italian dressing (mixed with lemon/vinegar) and 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast (this adds a nutty/cheesy flavor which I've been loving!)

  • Side of carrots to nibble on while prepping & a side of seaweed

Thoughts: As usual this salad was really satisfying. If you can't tell-i'm a creature of habit! Once I find a meal that I like, I usually eat it for days on end.

Snack 3PM

  • F-Factor 20/20 Smoothie

Dinner 5PM

  • Zucchini noodle & cauliflower cheese concoction sprinkled with Parmesan (this saved me from eating Aspens Mac & Cheese left-overs-do what you gotta do!)

  • Kale/broccoli/Brussel sprout salad with 4 egg whites

Thoughts: Another very random dinner. I've been loving Green Giant riced cauliflower & cheese sauce steamables. It's like a healthy (seamless) F-factor approved Mac and cheese without the hassle of cooking.

Dessert 645PM

  • 10 squares of Lily's salted caramel chocolate

Overall Thoughts: YES I succumbed to dessert (again!) I've been craving chocolate all.day.long. It was Lily's or a built bar (my favorite milky bar alternative - in protein format). But I decided to go for the real deal. My only regret comes from the banana this morning (which may sound silly BUT if brought my net carbs up to a whopping 34 grams. In the future I will probably stick to berries which are higher in fiber and lower in carbs )

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