• Mercedes Chloe


Emmys-no, Golden Globes-No, The Oscar’s?-YES. Recognizing it’s almost March is a scary, yet exhilarating thought. I literally count down the days until it’s 80 degrees outside and I can throw on a summer dress, walk outside and not freeze to death. When I hear the word “Oscars” two things come to mind: fashion and food. Ironically the two go hand in hand from people hosting parties with “dress codes”-from hosting your own party with a VIF (very important food) menu.

There are more movie stars per square mile in California than any other place on earth. It seem’s that as time progresses, so do award ceremonies. Personally I would rather watch Joan Rivers critiquing on fashion police, than watch a three-hour something award ceremony. Long time legend Clint Eastwood even joked that “They went after anyone who still has a pulse”.

All Oscars aside, yesterday Mauro and I drove home to Long Island. After insisting that he knew the way home, a short 30 minute drive to Cippolini’s took us an hour. He still denies to admit that he went the wrong way, but luckily I had the 619 page Vogue to keep me entertained, along with Mauro of course. Finally we made our way there, and sat at the bar drinking two Mint-tinis (“2 parts vodka, 1 part white creme de menthe, and 1/2 part vermouth”whatever that might be).

Our bartender was the drunkest of all, dancing and chuckling amongst himself. Finally at 9 we sat down and ordered: one cucumber salad, a lobster salad, a Margarita pizza, spaghetti pomodoro, and zucchini sticks, once again we left the restaurant feeling like semi-sumo wrestlers (no surprises there), but that didn’t stop us from driving, and getting ice cream cones-relesing our inner childhood and inner “fat-hood”as Mauro puts it.

As for this morning we did our casual run of Starbucks, Petco (to get Barnby his organic dog snacks, being the diva that he is), and I introduced Mauro to the bakery Leonetti. Well when I say we almost left with half of the store, I mean it. Picking from pastries, cookies, and giant Artisanal breads. Once we got home we showed my siblings the “Harlem shake” videos to see their reactions, my brother laughed, one of my sisters looked in horrification, and the baby of the family Poppy, joined in dancing. Mauro’s idea was to make a spin off-which may or may not make it to the site later (as a joke of course). Later we are going for 60 minute massages, followed by a dinner with the family at Bryant and Cooper. Stay posted for more pictures throughout the day, and my best dressed at the Oscars!