• Mercedes Chloe


So if the title of this post led you to think that I was engaged, you are entirely wrong. Sort of like the diamond ring I wear on my right hand, that I have been told is a BEAUTIFUL “engagement” ring. A)it is my right hand, not my left and b) If it was an engagement ring, it would be much much bigger. On an attempt to make cupcakes with blue icing, I failed horribly. Luckily my oven ended up surviving, along with one cupcake. The rest ended up looking like cookie monster, on drugs.

The rain ended up stopping mid-day in Manhattan, and my determination to actually leave my apartment, half filled fridge, and couch increased immensely. So I decided to be adventurous and take the subway to Herald Square, which ended up to be a big mistake. People where literally pushing and shoving to move. I also watched a person get arrested, someone try to steal another women’s purse, and a person screaming to themselves, all within the same five minutes. Welcome to Manhattan.

After escaping the tourists and crazy people, I finally found the nearest Starbucks closest to my destination: Elite Daily. Approximately four steps before entering the Starbucks a beggar on the street looked up to me and starts yelling at me to “take my time slut!” I was absolutely mortified and speechless. Calmly proceeding into Starbucks and avoiding the rude comment I decided to order a drink and sat upstairs amongst a young couple making amends, two people that looked like they were directly sent from match.com and a match made in hell, a women sitting in Spongebob square pants patterned PJ’s, and a David Beckham impersonator. Finally after much observation, and an OD on sugar, I got the amazing opportunity to interview with the Co Founder Of Elite Daily, which I can easily say was the highlight of my week. From the company to the environment, everything seemed beyond amazing. Although i did argue my point that not ALL women have an expiration date 😉