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So while I wish I could write a very optimistic and uplifting post, I am quite incapable of doing so at the moment. They say that when it rains it pours, and from the past few weeks I can certainly agree with this. A few days ago I got some really unexpected/ scary news from my doctor. At first I was mad, then sad, then numb. But at bad times it is an incredible feeling to have supportive friends, family and a boyfriend that I can admit to being deeply and utterly head over heels for.

As they kept saying on the news yesterday that hurricane sandy and the devastating effects brought us all together, sometimes when life throws you lemons (and not a hurricane) the same theory applies. You learn who your true friends are, and learn to appreciate each day of life. You notice the police man texting, the man wearing the funny Russian hat on his head ( looking like a dead raccoon), the old lady getting on the subway dressed head to toe in Dior with a purple cane and a trendy purple bow hat that matches, and the New York voices that suddenly sound louder than ever.

…..I even realized that waiting in a 25 minute Starbucks line probably wasn’t worth the 5 minutes of satisfaction my tall skinny caramel macchiato would give me. (Ok, I’m sure that won’t quite last).

So as I’m British and can’t vote, I decided to post that ” I’m British but anywho commit to mitt” then hashtagged proud republican. I decided that as America is allllll about freedom of speech, I might as well voice my opinion also.

However this morning I learnt that Obama was re elected, which I was surprised at, given that Romney was in lead until about 8 pm. Anyway enough with politics.

I’m now sitting in a doctors office with a hallway of chandeliers, a marble floor and leather seats, oh and the most depressing music playing ever ( no not Adele, worse). I also love how nonchalant the receptionist here is. As I walk in with no make up, dressed in black, feeling sick to my

stomach and wearing the largest sunglasses ever to exist to say that Im here to

have a biopsy, she enthusiastically says oh you’re here! And told me to take a

seat. I then proceed to tell her that I need a note for missing college today and she starts telling me that the computer system is down and that there’s nothing she can do. Acceptable? I think not. So I then told her to handwrite it, stamp it, and engrave it. Stupid women.

Ok enough with my gushing. While i sit here in shock that an actual snow storm is going on, im waiting for one of my best friends Alden to arrive (Yes she is also coming in a snowstorm to visit!), and brighten my (very negative//in pain) spirits! Im also contemplating watching revenge, or writing page 1 of my 28 page work project paper, due in less than a month…..lucky me!

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