• Mercedes Benstock

A blonde and white out

So if the title of the post didn’t make your jaw drop, i’m not qutie sure what will. I am SUCH a girl, that i never even considered owning tools in my apartment, such as a hammer. So when I got a painting to go in one of my bathrooms for Chritmas, and replace the six ugly flower pictures that the interior decorator had decorated with, I was eager to get the ugly pictures down, and put the new modern picture up. So thats when I decided to become handy with what I had. All Blonde-Ness aside, this included: Whiteout, a fork, and dedication to get the job done.

Although this post doesn’t directly have a message, and (i shall admit) is quite tideous to read, i wanted to share my experience with you to eliminate all claims that women are only good for cooking and cleaning. Wrong, Wrong and Wrong. Women are good for MUCH more, and infact for those men that think otherwise, lets get one thing straight: Men would not be here without women.

So that was my thrilling thursday, a blonde, whiteout, a fork, a picture and determination.