• Mercedes Benstock

A first date

Given that I have always been in serious relationships (or semi serious relationships) I seem to find that dating is nerve racking, and something that I never got over. Getting me to actually go on a date is very rare. Unless I know your or a friend of a friend does, it probably isn’t going to happen. Mainly because of nerves/being way to paranoid.

Now If you know me well like my best friends do, you know I don’t shut up and wouldn’t quite classify me as the “shy” type of person. But although comfortable around my friends, first dates are completely different. Though dating is a big game (which usually I would run away from) when someone texted me asking if i’ve heard of “Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812” I perplexity,( and very blonde moment-ly) decided to type in Natasha, Pierere, and The Great Comet of 1812 individually before realizing that they were not three different places-it was a play.

Now usually I would probably come up with an excuse as to why I couldn’t go, wouldn’t go and politely deny the generous invitation. But this date intrigued me, and after doing research I found out that it’s “Meatpacking’s Hottest Pop Up Venue” and a performance that has outstanding reviews.

Unlike any previous plays I have attended, Natasha, Pierere and The Great Comet of 1812 is a play scattered throughout the room and tables. Meaning instead of watching the play in one spot, the play goes on around where you’re sitting. Also prior to the show, with premium seating, you get unlimited vodka, sparkling wine, a seafood tower, caviar and a private butler to your service.

So my first two worries were: What to wear, and what exactly play etiquette consisted of. Although I have been to multiple plays before, I believe the last one I went to was Legally Blonde when I was 17. And completely different to Natasha, Piereere and The Great Comet of 1812. So I decided to use google to my advantage- and confirm what exactly “play etiquette” was (aside from the obvious). “No yakking. No texting. No coughing fits.” Was the first result that popped up. So that’s when I realized I was well aware of what play etiquette was and that I have more than enough clothes in my closet to fit the occasion.

So after getting my hair highlighted (and not having roots worse than Amanda Bynes, or something of the sort) and blown out at Gil Ferrer uptown (for hours on end) and finally having a mojito, and my favorite salad/pizza for lunch at Serafina, I rushed home and before I knew it, it was time to start getting ready. In the process I must have tried on multiple dresses until I finally went with a blue sky toned dress, with nude heels. It wasn’t to fancy, or to casual-instead it was just right.

So as I was on my way to jump on the subway, I realized my nails were unpainted (big nono!) so I rushed into Duane Reade and brought a light pink fast dry nail polish. As I was waiting in line, swiping my metro card, and walking down the escalator, I decided to paint each nail while I could. About three stops later-I finally got through every nail, letting them “fast dry” until I realized my toes were red (double nono)!. So then I had to jump off the subway, go into an additional Duane Reade, buy nail polish remover-remove the nail polish and then paint my nails with a red polish. Nightmare? Yes!

As I was supposed to meet him at 8.30, I somehow ended up a few minutes early, and decided to check out The Tippler under Chelsea Market where we were meeting up for a drink or two before the show. Although we had planned to meet outside, under the big glowing sign that said “Open” I walked in and scooped the place out. I saw a photo booth, dungeon like doors, and brick walls. The bar area was much more my style (Grey Goose please), as 1990’s music played and we sat down to get to know each other better.

I decided to make myself a drink before I went out (to ease nerves) and it worked. Before we knew it, it was time for the show. We walked in, without a line and was immediately “seated and greeted” by a woman named Natasha. She had a thick Russian accent and two shots ready. Unknowingly knowing what I was drinking we toasted to meeting and drank the orange drink.

I also (bravely) tried raw salmon, and throughout the night drank vodka and orange juice (that was on the table and being poured by the second). After we then headed to Beaumarchais for an additional drink, accept at that point and after dancing and spinning until 1 am in the morning, I inevitably had drank way to much and lets just say the night ended there and that I learnt my lesson. So, lets go back to what I learnt for first date rules: 1) Make sure your roots are cleaned up, your nails are polished, and don’t look like Alf 2) Have perfume on 3) Show effort but not to much effort that you look like your turning up for a gala 4) Make up in moderation- no one wants someone looking like a drag queen or something of the like 5) Have a drink before going out to ease your nerves (just in moderation) 6) If your going on a blind date, maybe check out the place first and tell people where and who your going out with (just in case) 7) DON’T drink all night -or over your limits. Throwing up (or being a DB) is never pleasant.

Luckily and thankfully I learnt many lessons from this date/venture, and can overall say that I had a very good time (aside from once I drank to much) but my date (who shall remain anonymous) was really caring, hospitable, and seemed to laugh at the issue (me!) opposed from being a jerk about it.

Next time? two drinks only!