• Mercedes Benstock

A Twitter Fight

” Peppermint green is in, not emerald envy” as I indirectly tweeted away, back at a rude tweet directed at me whilst sitting in class. Ironically a fight within the same 15 square feet, would make one think the words were verbal, but instead it was via Twitter.

To no surprise it is much easier to type an “insult”( if that’s what we should call it) opposed from saying it. This sort of juvenile behavior reminds me of elementary school when people would communicate by AIM, or in JR high when everyone had an anonymous question and answer page (formspring), which soon turned into more of an insult page, where instead of asking questions, people would write offensive remarks, anonymously.

A computer screen allows one to feel empowered, and while social media is thriving for businesses it’s not quite thriving for insults, 15 sq feet away. If you have something nasty to say, simply don’t say it or at least have the fortitude to say it face-face.

Aside from the ridiculous twitter ordeal, I have one more midterm left until I am finally done. I won’t sugar coat it, the week has been diabolic! From not having enough time to complete my spreadsheet applications midterm, to forgetting how to create a balance sheet on my accounting midterm and then having 90 questions on one of my marketing exams. HASHTAG PANIC ATTACK! Thankfully I wasn’t the only one in distress and many of my fellow classmates were also shocked at how hard the exams were.

After taking my 90 question marketing midterm, and having 50 minutes before my next test, I decided that the only thing that would cheer me up was macaroons and shoes. After finding the perfect pair of shoes to enlighten my mood I walked into a crumbs and brought a cannoli cupcake ( who knew those existed!?) I mainly brought it out of curiosity, but given that cupcakes are one of Barneby’s favorite foods, i figured it wouldn’t go to waste.

Just as I thought my day was getting significantly better, an additional rude comment then popped up on my cell phone notifications. This time it was a comment on one of my pictures, from a different person and on a different platform, instagram. I responded short & sweet, and once again took the higher road. I don’t need to insult someone to look “cool” or feel better about myself. Vilification of someone highlights insecurities, and depreciates your maturity.