• Mercedes Benstock


I'm sure you know where this is going before I write five paragraphs, how one thing lead to another and I've eaten like crap for 19 days in a row followed by receiving 2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries for American Mothers day yesterday.

My way of coping is usually by shutting down in silence and eating. I've gained more weight (shocker...) and just feel pretty awful to be frank... so before I harp on I'm going to try this all again and pre-plan my meals to try and get a grip on life.

I've been eating a pack of Crepini egg thins daily which clearly isn't doing me any favors. Even though they're low calorie (96 for a pack of 12 and 0 carbs) it would be much better to fulfill my pancake craving with F-Factor waffles instead of going for yogurt, berries, fiber cereal AND the egg thins (with syrup and stevia). Guilty confession: I've also been eating more berries and cereal than allowed on F-Factor but....I'm going to ease my way back into strict guidelines.

Breakfast 9am

  • 0 % Fage Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup all bran and 1 cup mixed berries

  • Crepini egg thins and 1 tbsp choczero maple syrup

Thoughts: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I just wasn't ready to give up the egg thins today. As I ended up having 1 cup of mixed berries rather than the allowed 3/4 cup and the choc zero syrup, my carbs were all the way up to 29g net. Lunch will be lots of veggies and a lean protein. The only thing I'm not loving about F-Factor is the guilt that comes along with having higher carb fruits (such as apples, grapes or bananas etc) I may try to sneak in a banana or apple once or twice a week to see if that helps me stay on track.

Lunch 2pm

  • Zucchini noodle salad (iceberg, arugula, tomato, cauliflower rice, carrots and tuna with Olive Garden light Italian dressing and 2 tsps Parmesan )

Thoughts: The goal for lunch was to add as many veggies as possible into a bowl to bring my total net carbs down. It was quite underwhelming, but filling.

Snack 4pm

  • F-Factor Strawberry/Vanilla smoothie

Dinner 530pm

  • Iceberg and tomato salad with balsamic vinegar and pink Himalayan sea salt

  • "Better Than Foods" Shiritaki spaghetti with tomato sauce and 1/2 serving FF Kraft cheese

Thoughts: This combination is just one that weirdly worked! I'm finding that eating a large breakfast (around 350-400 calories) really helps keep me full throughout the day. BUT I will probably aim to cut out the extra Crepini pancakes (daily). Overall I'm not to disappointed in the day and will stick to water and tea before bed.