• Mercedes Chloe

Adapt Or Perish

Part of the reason why I love what I do is because I learn so much about different industries. I'm a social media manager which means I manage the social profiles of "high-profile" clients. From Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Podcasts, Promo's - and marketing, I'm in charge of it all. Every week (or sometimes multiple times a week) I pull articles and opinions in the voice of my clients. Somewhere in the mix, I came across this quote that really stuck out to me "Adapt or Perish". Throughout life it's constantly important to adapt. Nothing does or will stay the same, and Corvid 19 taught us that.

Prior to Coronavirus, the number of people regularly working from home remained in the single digits. Now, many who are working from home for the first time will continue to do so. This is just one of many examples how the world that we know will permanently change. I wonder about gyms - will they ever be the same? Is it logical to expect members to wear masks while working out? How about restaurants? and school?

We were forced to adapt to a new reality, which may or may not turn into our new normal.

Personally, I can't justify paying over $200 for an equinox membership with strict limitations. Harvey Spevak, the executive chairman of Equinox (or the team behind him) sent out an email sharing club protocols. This included: temperature checks, health declarations, physical distancing, and class limits. Why would I adhere to that when I can do everything from the comfort of my own home? It's definitely something to think about. My guess is that gyms are going to see a decline in memberships, and many industries are going to have to adapt..