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Ok so now that I’m done with my little rant, its time to talk whether. After yesterdays sun, I thought at an alleged 84 degrees today, I would get somewhat of a tan. But instead of the sun being out, it was just a humid sticky mess with clouds all around.

I was even so dedicated that I rushed out to a 10 am appointment with a bikini underneath my outfit, and sun lotion in my bag, so that I wouldn’t waste all five minutes changing in my apartment and could just rush upstairs. Well, of course after leaving at 11, grabbing a taxi and realizing that there was still no sun in sight, I ended up back inside my apartment studying for my last midterm tomorrow.

That was until around 5 pm when I fell sound a sleep on my couch with a laptop on my lap, index cards, and of course my phone. After getting up at 7.30 (thanks to Barnbys trotting his paws) I realized the time, rushed to Starbucks and knew I needed something strong to keep me up. Ironically despite loving coffee frappachinos, I’m not that much of a coffee drinker (or if I do drink it/need it, I like it light, and sweet) so when it came time to order, of course I chickened out of an espresso and led back to my old ways.

As I was walking Barnby back (half asleep) I saw a young group of guys ahead of us. I looked down at my phone until one approached me as his friends kept on walking and staring.

Im not sure if it was his vulnerability or the fact that he was shaking and couldn’t make eye contact with me, but I felt bad and decided to listen to whatever he was about to say.

Well, wheather he was really conducting a survey on area codes, or just wanted to look like man all mighty approaching a girl (with an intimidating dog like Barnby) he continued: “Im conducting a survey and need peoples area codes…yada yada yada“he spoke for about five minutes straight, looking at his phone.

Then finally he opened up a Microsoft excel looking document, and asked me to type my number. I looked at it and realized that there were indeed numbers above it, ranging from 516 to 212 to 862. But did he really expect to get my number?

As his friends were watching carefully I entered my area code (what he asked for) with some random numbers after it, and as I looked at him he read my area code and ran off back to his friends who were clapping at him like a bunch of football guys from high school. I also realized he never actually specified what school he was going to despite talking for five minutes straight in the middle of a pathway. Oh New York…