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Amazon Selling Expired Pills

As an avid Amazon primer (and shopper) I want to share my recent experience. The other day on Instagram I noticed Jenifer Stano promoting digestive enzyme pills called premier digest. I’ve followed her since her marriage (and now divorce) to Greek Billionaire Alki David. She’s a mom, in shape, and a woman who cares about her health-what could go wrong?

Since hitting my mid twenties (yup-all goes downhill since there!) I’ve been referred to multiple gastroenterologists, doctors and surgeons leading me in circles to why I’m constantly bloated. I eat a very healthy diet which consists of vegetables, lean protein, F-factor protein shakes yada yada yada. Basically if it’s a green and a vegetable - I’ll eat it.

Like 85% of other items piling up in our NYC apartment, I decided to look on Amazon to see if they sold the pills, which to no surprise-they did.

I’ve ordered pills on Amazon before mainly for convenience. As a working mom living in Manhattan, you cant beat same day or next day delivery. Even if you have to add in an item or two to hit the $35 same day minimum.

Yesterday they arrived with a label saying use by 02/20. I immediately opened the pills to notice a strong chemical smell, similar to my 4 year olds purple glue stick with paper and glitter stuck to each side.

Thats when I turned over the bottle to realize that they had actually expired in May of 2018 and the sticker was clearly placed on the top of the bottle to make users disregard.

How well does Amazon vet sellers? Is it even legal to sell expired pills? To more disgust, I immediately contacted Amazon

Who only offered to refund me. The icing on the cake? “I didn’t have to worry” about sending the expired pills back (which were long gone in the garbage can with my toddlers uneaten lunchables on top).

Moral of the story? Be careful where you order from.  

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