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So after ambitiously handwriting letters to editors (Minus Ms Wintour), contacting companies and making a 1/2 joke on twitter last night that I need an Intern (or two) my hard work and extreme dedication to blog each and everyday while balancing my junior year in college (including dreadfully hard classes like accounting and statistics), and having the responsibility of looking after my 1/2 human dog (so he thinks), has paid off!

Of course I found out the news while walking out of the elevator with Barnby, not noticing that he was to busy sniffing the marble floor than running up to my door full force like usual. I walked out, Barnby stayed in and just as the elevator door started to shut, Brains of Britain (me) realized that my dog had decided to take a ride in the elevator. After going into complete panic mode and taking the first elevator downstairs, I find Barnby in one of my doorman’s arms, wagging his tail, like he had just taken the ride of his life, while I was close to tears thinking that I had practically left my own child in the elevator! Anyway long story short the explorer is now home-safe and sound.

Also I finally got my cast off this morning,although it wasn’t quite as painful as I was expecting (thanks to youtube videos for scaring the life out of me)! It was definitely an uncomfortable feeling. As expected my nose is still very swollen, but the good news is that I am starting to get my taste back, and hopefully the swelling will subside within the next few weeks.

Ok enough about me and back to my little vents. I want to talk about “sneaker wedges”. Yes, I know sneaker Wedges are so “4 months ago” but even for fall, designers like Isabel Marant are recreating them. At first I couldn’t figure out if I loved them or hated them, which is why it took me four months to actually buy a pair (three days ago).

The next step was to wear the sneakers out in public. The thought of doing shoelaces up was daunting. It even looked weird. So then I hid the bow part into the upper part, and then that looked wrong, so I wasn’t quite sure how to wear the shoelace. Then once I figured that part of the boot out, paired jeans with them, added a shirt and scarf, it was time to pick a jacket. Now that was definitely the hardest part. Long looked wrong, leather looked wrong, fur looked mismatched, so finally I got so fed up with what to pair the stupid wedges with that I just threw on a jacket and walked out the door to school (I picked mismatched). As the weather warms up, it will no longer be necessary for a jacket, although supposedly we are due for yet another snow storm. So after wearing the sneaker wedges for about 7 hours I can confirm that they are 100% comfortable, fashionable if worn correctly, AND seem to elongate your legs. Now where is spring!?

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