• Mercedes Benstock

An old man & Speedo’s

While everyone is out celebrating the end of a semester, I’m dreading the continuation of mine. Prolonged until the 24th of May. These days it seems as though I can’t log onto Facebook without getting a new notification of graduation, engagement, or pregnancy.

While it’s a sheer improvement from when I would get notifications of song lyrics, drama and break ups (back in high school), it’s also a clear example that I’m getting old. Or at least feel old.

Although my expected graduation isn’t until 2014, I’m eager to complete the semester and ace my final exams (fingers crossed!). One of the reasons being, is the beautiful 80 degree weather that we had yesterday (or teaser), leaving me with red raw skin a base tan, and some new friends.

Unbeknown to me young people do live in my building. I met these two girls (around the same age of me) who go to FIT. So as we met one another, witnessed an old man stroll in his very tight speedos, and chatted about summer, we ended up exchanging numbers.

At around 5ish Angelo (my families driver) drove Barnby and I home to Long Island. Barnby sat like a king, watched like a king, and then sleept like a king, while I had road rage at the two hour traffic jam ahead of us, and tried to distract myself watching The Carrie Diaries on my iPhone. Which ultimately led to me feeling car sick. All in all-quite the wonderful experience.

After sleeping in until 10ish, we then went to Red Tomato for lunch (which has the most delicious margarita pizza ever) and then I took my sister birthday shopping. Except somehow the only person who brought things was me (typical!). So i promised my sister a Manhattan shopping trip around the time of her birthday later this month.

So to conclude the post- I’m going to my first college “house party” tonight (close your jaw). Eager to experience and write about the night ahead of me, I’m currently babysitting until I leave. Quite the pre-gaming experience I know! But I promise to write all about it. The good, the bad and the inevitable.

See in Manhattan, college parties are replaced with clubs, kegs are replaced with champagne, and anything flat is not worn, or in the case of drinking-drunk.