• Mercedes Chloe

An Update From England

So yesterday I did a news post instead of an update from England. That being said I have decided to give a quick update. I am currently staying with my grandparents up until Monday (about 3 hours away from London and in the countryside). Although their isn’t much to do in walking distance, let alone a Starbucks (it’s killing me!) we plan to go out nearer the end of the week (thank goodness).

I’m starting to really miss New York, except for the abruptness of some people. I miss walking everywhere, Starbucks, Barnby, Mauro, Macaroons, 40 carrots, Serafina (aka home comfort food), and of course my apartment. They say that no place is like New York and that’s certainly true. When people hear my accent and ask which I like better, I always say that they are just way to different to compare, but that I will always live in NY, just because I’m such a city girl at heart. I plan to live In the city forever. And Ever.

I also get extremely homesick, which is why although I love to travel, I could never study abroad like some of my friends are doing at the moment. It looks so beautiful though, and if i had the guts to leave Manhattan for more than a week I would totally love to study in Italy, Barcelona, or London (just for the experience) but a short vacation seems much more appealing given i’m a big baby! Anyway attached are some more pictures.