• Mercedes Benstock

Back On The Bandwagon (F-Factor Day 3)

Breakfast 9am

  • Egg white omelette with spinach/mushrooms wrapped in Tumaro's low carb wrap

  • Mixed berries with Crepini Egg thins and 1/2 tbsp Choczero maple syrup

Thoughts: Breakfast was huge but it kept me full until late afternoon. Having variety has really helped me stay on track this time around. Granted It's only day 3, but still!

Lunch 2pm

  • Tuna salad made with 1/2 tbsp light mayo, avocado, beets, tomato, romaine and red onion

Thoughts: Not many TBH. Couldn't stomach the thought of Seaweed or Cauliflower rice today. I've been drinking Tea after lunch/dinner to help my sweet tooth!

Snack 4pm

  • Two good yogurt with 1 serving of Lily's chocolate chips mixed in and frozen (For a low carb Frozen yogurt alternative)

Dinner 6pm

  • 1/2 serving Chocolate F-Factor 50/50 shake made with 1/2 cup almond milk

  • 1 Fiber One English muffin

  • 1 LF Mozzarella cheese stick (for protein)

Thoughts: Dinner completely backfired. I tried to have a smoothie but it made me feel nauseous leading to an English muffin and cheese stick! Decided to cook Aspen a quick dinner and call it a night. Overall I would call this a Step 1.5 day. Not going to punish myself for not feeling 100% and listening to my body. Tomorrow is a new day!