• Mercedes Chloe


So tomorrow I am off to the Bahamas! As some of you may (or may not know) this is a holiday/vacation I look forward to each and every summer, and always come back with some interesting stories usually starting with drinking a bottle of verve cliquot under a cabana or “I was drinking a pina colada on the beach and…” So while I tend to update my blog as much as possible, If I post every other day opposed to every other day, bare with me!

I also realize that I haven’t posted pictures in a very long time. If your wondering the reason, as to why this is-my macbook pro decided to fail on me completely! Until I had to pay $300 at Apple to get the keyboard fixed.My theory was to clean the computer, but instead it led to breaking the keyboard in the process. Oops. So my lesson was learnt, and i have been using my MacBook Air while it was stuck at Apple. So attached are some pictures to update you all: