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So I have not written a “me” post in a very long time. Meaning that most of my posts have been more about other aspects of life, or other people/places/things (through pictures) and not my own personal life. So where to start, I can’t believe it’s already June 8th and still cold and cloudy out. Yesterday my friends and I decided to go out (despite the torrential weather conditions) and had dinner at hurricane club, followed by a dash over to Riff Raffs where a mixture of face paint, tikis, and tropical drinks made up for the bad weather. Kind of.

I have to admit that Riff Raff’s isn’t really my type of scene. But us girls made the best of it- laughing and talking amongst each other while refusing to get our faces painted. That was of course until my life suddenly took a turn-with a phone call that Barnby (my dog) was desperately sick (ok maybe I’m Miss dramatic, but if you know the story about how I adopted Barnby on New Year’s Eve then you would understand). I feel like his practically my (very fluffy) son, given that I walk him, feed him, take him to the park , etc.

When I adopted Barnby, he was stuck in the corner cage and sick. His owner died in Sandy, and the people who work at North Shore Animal league never confirmed how old he was. He had a tumor in his throat, and a respiratory infection. He also wasn’t as fluffy then, and looked absolutely miserable. So I’m guessing that he wasn’t the first dog that children ran up to.

Except my sister Trinity who had found Barnby the night before and had fallen in love with him because of his flaws (she wants to be a vet, and has a huge heart). After spending almost 6 hours trying to adopt him, we finally left and got to learn who Barnby truly was.

He didn’t bark, growl or jump. He loved, sat, and slept. He refused to eat crumbs (except if they were cupcakes), and would prefer to eat human food opposed to dog food. He bonded with everyone and settled in perfect.

So here we are almost 6 months later, and it turns out that Barnby’s life (however old he may be) will be cut short. After hearing the bad news yesterday and rushing home (via cab), today he got diagnosed with lymphoma which is cancer of the blood. He has been loosing weight rapidly, sleeping restlessly, and been throwing up. I’m someone whose really bad with deaths, so at first I was in denial of the entire thing, then I cried, and now I’ve come to accept that I need to make Barnby’s last days his best days.

Although he may be a dog, he’s a fluffy loving dog who deserves the best life, and not pain. Tomorrow I have to take him to get a MRI, and cat scan as they think he has a tumor in his stomach which may make his days even shorter. But he’s a strong mush and I will continue to hope for the best. As they say: “Heartbreak is life educating us.”

So far his bucket list includes: 1) Eating a macaroon and a McDonald’s ice cream cone (he always try’s) 2) Take a stroll in central park (he is a bit very lazy) 3) Go to a “dog friendly” restaurant/hotel (without making a huge mess) 4) Have his Lady and the tramp moment (and a first lick)

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