• Mercedes Chloe

Between P & M

Today the weather in NYC correlated to my bad mood (pouring of rain). It started off by disliking my Starbucks coffee frappachino at 6 am (never happens), followed by a 30 minute subway ride downtown (standing up), and crying in the middle of the flatiron district due to a little bit of a meltdown and big nonsense going on. Apparently you can never be to old to cry in public. As long as you have dark sunglasses and a good reason.

Why I tried to keep calm and carry on, It didn’t happen. I didn’t stop crying, and nor did the ginormous rainstorm, that caught me off guard without an umbrella. As the day went on and I finally calmed myself down, and sat on the couch. I took a few deep breaths as Barnby then jumped up, sat on my lap whilst wagging his tail in my face and then turning right around to lick me. Being the affectionate dog that he is, I think he could sense that I was upset and as they say ” A dog is a mans best friend” well change man into woman. Midday I decided to weigh myself and realized that I had ironically gained weight from eating a healthier diet and doing yoga on a daily basis. Yes gained. Progressively my day got worse by the minute, until here I am blogging about it. Usually i’d keep my five year old meltdown to myself. But I think it shows character…and confidence that I have pride in knowing it’s ok to show emotion, now and then. It’s also been my first good cry in a very long time, and was needed. Between the streets of Park and Madison Avenue.

Today was also the start of my summer classes which I am taking online. I’m only taking three classes which are: Public relations, entrepreneurship and economic history of the 1920s. If it sounds like a lot of work, well I will happily tell you after reading through the syllabus-that it is. As one of my professors put it: we have ten weeks to get through a 457 page text book. D-e-l–i-g-t-f-u-l. Yet what needs to be done, must be done.

So practically my day was: dreadful, daunting and dissatisfying. And while I want to think that there is nothing a good ice cream “can’ fix”-Im starting to realize my metabolism disagrees.