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Meeting Mauro at Starbucks opposite the St Regis was one of the highlights of my day. It also got slightly awkward when he went to pay for the two drinks we usually have, and my typical barista paid for mine (again) and only charged Mauro for his. Of course Mauro looked angry at first, but then I explained that his just a cool (college) kid who buys me coffee now and then, working behind the bar at Starbucks. Right?Anyway while I was then walking in school, and sitting at a computer waiting for class to start (while Mauro headed off to his new job) I started feeling super super dizzy. So I walked outside to get some fresh air and frozen yogurt (to make me feel better mentally) and then ended up walking straight home and laying in bed, feeling dreadful. Triple fail on having a proactive day.

On the positive side of things, tomorrow I have an hour Swedish massage booked at Bliss Spa. Spoiled brat Correction: I’m treating myself after a major accomplishment and after my first week back after spring break, despite a teacher “joking” around that I had mid semester “Amnesia” (whatever that’s supposed to mean!) I also can’t even remember the last time that I had a massage, so it’s kind of like a late birthday present to myself…kind of.

To celebrate Mauro’s first week of working in the city, he surprised me with dinner (frozen yogurt) in hope that my throat (and self) would start to feel better. As his staying over until work tomorrow morning, he also gave Barnby a shower and surprised him with a doggy cupcake from Sprinkles (you can swoon over him now) hehe just kidding.

Another highlight of my day was when Barnby and I were walking, we came across a lady in an electric wheelchair who was in her sixties. As I was tieing him up outside to quickly run in a shop, she started to remote her wheel chair in our direction. She had a tube down her throat and looked really sick, but she started to try and talk to me. She also had a computer screen that could generate what she wanted to say, but instead she was to busy enjoying Barnby, who I had picked up and undone in order for her to see and pet. She told me that she used to have a Shitzuh and that he was such a very good boy. The conversation went on for about 16 minutes, but it made me realize how lucky I am to have Barnby, and how precious life really is (yes, my sentimental story of the week!).

As London’s creeping up, I’m starting to pack my new suit case. Of course packing for 12 days is 24 outfits (because of how indecisive i am!) so I’m having a major anxiety attack on what to wear, and what shoes to pack. I’ve also come up with logistic thinking that the more I pack, the less I can buy because there wont be room to fly it back to New York. Therefore I can not over pack my suit case.

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