• Mercedes Benstock

Blogging Vs Bragging

I came across this topic, walking to class at 6.40 AM, unable to feel my fingers from 17 degree (or lack of) weather, and drinking a cold coffee frappachino light from Starbucks. I started to wonder what the differences were of blogging vs bragging. As research so has it, the definition of a “blog” is quite self explanatory: “a diary on a website” and the definition of bragging is: “to use boastful language” thank you dictionary.com, and third grade spelling class.

There are blogs categorized by every field possible: fashion (of course), lifestyle, nightlife, psychology, motherhood, food, the list continues…so, my biggest question was where “Mercedes Chloe” (aka myself, and my “blog”) fits in. Considering i write about life occurrences, fashion, events, and shopping sprees, I wouldn’t subcategorize “Mercedes Chloe” into one subject. I also wouldn’t place myself as a bragger.

I live a very blessed life, that I am thankful for each and every day, but that blessed life comes from my fathers hard work day in and day out, and my mother’s who is currently writing a children’s book and used to model for New York Model Management, act in movies such as James Bond, AND be a news presenter back in the UK. She also has the joy of putting up with four kids.

Of course I am also blessed to be a British Aristocrat.

I also work really hard for what its worth. I am currently taking 19 credits in college, have been lucky enough to work at places such as Henri Bendel, Kurt Geiger, and Promgirl, volunteer, and donate to charities such as: Make a wish foundation (www.wish.org),St Judes (stjude.org),and GOSH (gosh.org).

That being said i am also not afraid of speaking my mind (controversial or not), writing about living in Manhattan, and my day by day life encounters.While some may argue, (or self proclaim) that i love to brag about my phenomenal life, it’s actually that i love to write, reminisce, and entertain (half the time making fun of my self).

SO, now that my little vent and background information is given, I can now write about the weekend. Despite having a mental breakdown about my CAD course (that i am taking online), and figuring out how exactly to use Adobe Illustrator/photoshop, Mauro and i decided that i definitely was in need of a serious drink. So we went to Dream. Except it was the wrong dream in terms that we went to the one midtown, instead of the one downtown. Although the two are both the same hotel, the vibe wasn’t. I felt like it was a match.com event. The music was so old school that i was even expecting thriller to come on. Mauro and i made the most of it, laughing at the scene and making the most of four drinks. We then took a cab to hot spot 49 grove and almost made it to Griffin until I was way to cold standing in the snow so I decided that I wanted to be a kill joy and go back home.

After waking up with major headaches, we met up with one of my oldest and loveliest friends Hunter, for Brunch at the Crown. It was beautiful and the food (& mimosas) were delicious. We then went to Laduree for desert, and Hunter later joined us back to my apartment to meet baby B(dog/king /diva). Once Mauro headed home, i fell asleep at around 9 PM, and woke up at 6 (semi well rested) for the week ahead.