• Mercedes Benstock


Ever since high school, I have gotten remarks about my hair color. Speculation that “I lie” about my “Natural color” and that I am really a brunette. Apparently the same assumption continues throughout college because in one of my classes this afternoon, a girl sat down next to me, and decided to ask me “what my natural hair color was”. Once I responded with “dark blonde” she had the audacity to say that “I didn’t look like a natural blonde”! Well, for those who are Facebook friends with me (and to shut the majority of people up) there are baby pictures of me with blonde hair uploaded. For those who don’t know me-don’t judge me, or judge my hair color, thank you very much!

As midterms are coming up next week, projects, papers studying and homework seems to be never ending. Starbucks lines seem longer, people seem moodier, and classes go by even slower. I swear my concentration level is a zero at the moment.

After a very long day, my doorman handed me Macaroons that Mauro had dropped off after his interview in the city (the key to my heart)! The box is a limited edition (totally New York) black one. I was/am obsessed and literally documented the entire process (ha ha, talk about to much time on my hands)! But the surprise was so sweet.

The weather is disgusting, I feel like another Sandy is coming. While walking Barnby I even witnessed a bus stand swaying side to side. It looked like one of those pool toys called “noodles” that just swing from either side once held up straight, I swear (and if you don’t know what on earth i am talking about just disregard the above)!

So hopefully I wake up to 4+ inches of snow, and there is a snow day tomorrow, because I can not even imagine the commute in this weather. Not that i really have much of a commute taking a subway, (but still).