• Mercedes Benstock

blueberry apple crumble.

So if the title of this post didn’t make you lick your lips, your not human (or a fan of pies). Ironically i met my current boyfriend through my little brother, whose going through a call of duty/ nerf gun stage. But who am i to judge? When i was his age, i had a dark blonde bob (ear length), bangs, and a closet full of Juicy. All of which, i considered “trendy” at the time.

Looking back, i laugh at everything that used to upset me. I vividly remember my fifth grade crush. His name was Brendan, and a jock in the making. I was going through an awkward man repelling stage so he didn’t even think twice about “asking me out”. He wouldn’t even share his cinnamon Altoids with me. Word of advice: If a boy isn’t willing to share his cinnamon Altoids with you, guess what? his just not that into you.

If you haven’t purchased the book “His just not that into you” written by Liz Tuccillo, you immediately need to rush to the bookstore (or amazon), and do so. Its a no nonsense, tough love, get the hell out of fairy tale mode-novel. Sure: love happens, fate can happen, and maybe even fairy tales occur, but at the end of the day i can guarantee that, you will date an ass hole. Whose just not that into you. So why do women date ass holes? do we lower ourselves down to there level? or do we set ourselves up for disaster? I don’t care if his hung like a horse, has an accent, Gucci loafers, or any other enticing detail you set on your pros and cons list. At the end of the day if he hurt you once, he will hurt you twice and if his an ass hole once, his going to be an ass hole twice!

Most people stay in relationships because they are scared of the unknown. They are scared of ending up like the women in the supermarket. Pushing a cart full of Lean Cuisine meals, Luna bars, and kitty litter. Or the women that sits in your local Starbucks in a bright red scarf, with a new date every Monday from Match.com. The truth of the matter is: unless your in your late twenties, you shouldn’t even be worried about finding the “one”. Have fun with your life, travel the world, date around and don’t settle. The best quality a girl can have is confidence. So we all need to embrace this. Until a man formally asks you to be his girlfriend, you have no ties to him. If you get asked on dates, go. Why miss out? Everything happens for a reason, and everyone comes in and out of your life for a reason. Your youth won’t last forever, but regrets will!