• Mercedes Benstock

Brain Over Binge

The past few days I have been moody, tired and miserable. 5 AM wakeup and workout? No thank you. If you were to ask Dan (who gets woken up daily by me scrambling through our chest of draws looking for my lulu's) he would tell you that I love to workout and talk about it every night (for better or worse). 

I certainly get that runners high of endorphins but I've felt sluggish the past few days which could be linked to diet. After work I usually head straight to the kitchen to either get started on dinner (dependent on time) or a pre-dinner snack/salad. Sometimes (more often than not) I have trouble portioning and literally eat half a container of halo-top or enlightened despite being completely full. Dan pointed out the other day that I just need to walk away and stop eating to actually realize I'm full -probably a great idea but easier said than done! 

I've also realized that structured eating really helps me. I'm a pretty routine person so usually stick to the same workout, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners daily (boring I know!). When I have a structured meal plan in front of me it's certainly easier to stick to.

Anyway circling back to my nightly binges -I've found that morning workouts are much harder when I indulge the night before. Yesterday instead of devouring half a pint of enlightened (low calorie/fat/sugar ice cream) I opted to have an English muffin with British Marmite (if you don't know what Marmite is you should google). It certainly hit the spot and proved that I didn't need my nightly sugar rush.

With that said I still woke up not wanting to work out (very very unlike me). I had to drag myself out of bed at 630am (an hour and a half later than usual) and mentally prepare myself for a 45 minute treadmill run. I ended up doing 20 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking, and another 25 minutes of interval running (switching up the pace).

The first 20 minutes were mentally draining where I thought about quitting and then I remembered why I started on this journey -to prove that I could be the healthiest and happiest version of myself (oh and to run a 10k without stopping). By the second half of the run I was back to my normal self. Endorphins were up and I felt happier and "normal" again. So tip of the day? to get up and get going. If you feel miserable and want to skip on your workout-don't. It's going to make you feel worse. 

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