• Mercedes Chloe

Bridges and tunnels

Updated: Apr 12

A few months Back, my moms friend shared her terminology for when women date men bellow them. Hence the tittle of today’s post. Bridges are the women, while tunnels are the men. So why do women settle? There are over 80,082,78 people living in New York City( according to wikipidia) so am I wrong to say that absolutely no one should settle? While wearing sunglasses big enough to cover half my unmakeuped face, velvet black leggings and a black shirt acquired from Topshop on Oxford street, i sat pondering the answer to this question.

And just like that, it hit me. The reason anyone settles is because they don’t have enough determination or guts to get where they want to go, or do what they want to do. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. And guess what? If you’ve ever gotten asked “where you see yourself in five years”or “things you want to accomplish before you die”it was for a reason.

At some point in life, every one needs to reevaluate what they want. Weather it’s choosing what college to attend, what major to pursue, what job to pick or even what man/women to pick. A magic 8 ball is not going to give you the answers to your life, and nor is google.

So why are some things so hard to decide? and is settling a decision we make? The problem is, we settle because we don’t realize how great we really are (all cocky-ness aside). If you have a boyfriend who constantly nags about your boobs being to small, your legs being to short, or your terrible/lack of cooking..you need to dump him. If your not getting treated like a princess, especially in the early months of dating you wont treat yourself like one. You will turn into a toad because he makes you believe your a toad! So starting from tomorrow i am reevaluating my own life. What i want, who i want, where i want to be and how to accomplish it.

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